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Volume 62, Number 4

February, 2008

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Asher Durand's painting Kindred Spirits, 1849

River Vision

How the Hudson Valley's majestic wilderness spawned America's first art movement

by Steve Hoare

page 2


Big Cat Tales

Investigating cougar sightings in New York

by Scott Van Arsdale

page 8

smoke stacks releasing gas into the atmosphere

New York State Goes Low Carbon

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

by Peter M. Iwanowicz

page 14

female red bat with pups

Special Pullout: Bats of New York

New York is home to nine species of bats

by Eileen Stegemann and Al Hicks

page 19

bat house

Bats Wanted

Building a bat house

by Al Hicks and Eileen Stegemann

page 23

evening grosbeaks feeding

Disappearing Act

Evening grosbeaks vanish from feeders

by David Bonter

page 24

CCC enrollees planting trees

Force For Nature

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps

by Craig Thompson

page 30


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Ken Didion and Forest Ranger Lt. Chris Liebelt

page 18


page 37

Letters and Reviews

page 38

Back Trails

Winter Walk

by Rick Crannell

page 40