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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has added a link to a translation service developed by Microsoft Inc., entitled Bing Translator, as a convenience to visitors to the DEC website who speak languages other than English.

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From the June 2006 Conservationist

Amazing Frog Metamorphosis!

By By Alex Hyatt and Al Briesch

progression from tadpole to frog
Art work by Jean Gawalt

Most of us have heard the loud jug-o'-rum of the bullfrog in the summer---but have you ever seen bullfrog eggs, or, better yet, a bullfrog pollywog up close?

If not, you're missing out on one of nature's most amazing transformations. Each year, the 14 species of frogs native to New York begin this cycle anew, and most of them complete their metamorphosis from gelatinous egg to a land-dwelling miniature frog within weeks. After hatching, the bullfrog and green frog pollywog may take two summers...

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