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Grassland LIP Grants: At-Risk Species

Grassland Bird At-Risk Species
Species NY Natural
Heritage Rank1
NYS Status Breeding Wintering
Northern Harrier S3 Threatened X X
Upland Sandpiper S3 Threatened X
Short-eared Owl S2 Endangered X X
Horned Lark Special Concern X X
Sedge Wren S3 Threatened X
Vesper Sparrow Special Concern X
Grasshopper Sparrow S4 Special Concern X
Henslow's Sparrow S4 Threatened X
Bobolink S5 not listed* X
Eastern Meadowlark S5 not listed* X
Savannah Sparrow S5 not listed* X

Footnote 1: Natural Heritage Program Status:

  • S2: Typically 6 to 20 occurrences; few remaining individuals, acres, or miles of stream, or factors demonstrably making it very vulnerable in New York State.
  • S3: Typically 21 to 100 occurrences; limited acreage or miles of stream in New York State.
  • S4: Apparently secure in New York State.
  • S5: Demonstrably secure in New York State.

* Although these species are native grassland birds that are fairly widespread and abundant in New York, they are still included as target species due to significant population declines in recent years and because they share similar grassland habitat as the more threatened species.

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