Department of Environmental Conservation

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Volume 73, Number 3

December, 2018

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A photo of a spotted salamander in the snow

Surviving the Big Chill

How reptiles, amphibians, and insects make it through New York's winters

by Alvin Breisch and Peter Constantakes

page 2

A photo of a black-capped chickadee

The Chickadee: New York State's "Winter Warrior"

by Patrick J. Chaisson

page 6

A photo attendees at a NYSOEA conference

The Conference- 50 Years of Outdoor Education at its Best

50th anniversary of New York State Outdoor Education Association's conference

by Daniel Kriesberg

page 9

A photo of a snowy owl

A Flash of White

The snowy owl irruption of 2017-2018

by Jeff Nadler and Jeremy Taylor

page 12

A photo of the author with students and a biologist

Quail in the Classroom

Raising quail in the school

by Kevin Walsh

page 16

A photo of SCA Adirondack Corps crewmembers cutting a tree

The Adirondack Corps

20 seasons of mountains, mud, mosquitoes, and life-changing experiences

by Rebecca Kambic

page 20

A photo of a field and forest habitat at Partridge Run WMA

Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area

by Karl Parker

page 24

A photo of Chautauqua Fish Hatchery

Chautauqua Fish Hatchery

by Jim Rambuski

page 26


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Sarah B. Geesler

page 15


by Conservationist Staff

page 28


Includes feature Ask the Biologist

by Eileen Stegemann and Ellen Bidell

page 30

Back Trails

Rodentia outwittingus var. walnutti

by Dave Nelson

page 32