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Volume 74, Number 6

June, 2019

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A photo of two people in a canoe

View from an Adirondack Chair

A Californian's visit to the Adirondack Park

by Annelise Jolley

page 2

A photo of Fishkill Quarry

New Beginnings for Old Mines

What happens when the dust settles and the trucks are gone?

by Christopher S. Monaco, PG; and Charles C. Roll

page 6

A photo of a ring-necked pheasant

DEC's Pheasant Chick Program Turns 100

by Evan Wills

page 10

A photo of female hunter with a turkey

The Changing Face of New York Hunters

DEC's WomenHuntFishNY Photo Contest

by Eileen Stegemann and Katrina Talbot

page 13

A map of the new Frontier Town campground

Welcome to Frontier Town

DEC's newest campground opens June 28th

by DEC staff

page 19

A photo of Bashakill marsh

Bashakill Wildlife Management Area

by Nathan Ermer

page 22

A photo of southern flying squirrel

Species Spotlight: Flying Squirrels

by Jeremy Taylor

page 24

A photo of boats on Skaneateles Lake

Skaneateles Lake: Protecting a Shared, Vital Resource

by Shannon Fabiani

page 26

A photo of a white pine canopy in decline

White Pine Decline

How DEC and partners are working to save the eastern white pine

by Jessica Cancelliere and Rob Cole

page 29

An aerial photo of Rome Fish Hatchery

Rome Fish Hatchery

by John Gray and Michael Sicley

page 32

A photo of a swallowtail butterfly on a northern monkshood plant

Northern Monkshood-A Rare, Deadly Beauty

by Michael Adamovic

page 34


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Sarah B. Geesler

page 18


by Conservationist Staff

page 36


Includes feature Ask the Biologist

by Eileen Stegemann and Ellen Bidell

page 38

Back Trails

A Quiet Darkness

by Russell Shefrin

page 40