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Volume 71, Number 4

February, 2017

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A photo of a helicopter descending on a snowy mountain peak during a rescue

Mountain Rescue

by Forest Ranger Scott VanLaer

page 2

A photo of the full moon over Racquette Lake Inlet

New York's Timeless Beauty

Through the lens of photographer Joe LeFevre

by Joe LeFevre

page 6

A photo of kayaks at Buffalo RiverFest Park

River Reborn

Once-contaminated Buffalo River spawns economic renaissance

by Kristen Davidson, Damianos Skaros, Jane Edgington, and Anna Svirgun

page 10

A photo of a child inspecting a maple sap collection bucket

Sap to Syrup

Maple sugaring at Battle Hill State Forest

by Erin M. Jennings

page 14

A photo of the author training her dog to hunt for shed antlers

Horn Hunting

Teaching dogs to find shed antlers

by Heidi Fuge

page 17

A photo of volunteers planting trees along a waterway

Trees for Tribs Turns 10

Planting roots for more vibrant and resilient communities

by Sarah Walsh

page 20

A photo of red trillium by Thomas D. Lindsay


Tracking the natural events occurring all around us

by Stacy McNulty

page 24


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Stephen Scherry

page 27


by Conservationist Staff

page 28


by Eileen Stegemann and Ellen Bidell

page 30

Back Trails


by John Rowen

page 32