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Volume 73, Number 4

February, 2019

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A photo of 2 people ice fishing

Fun on Ice: The Thrill of Ice Fishing

by Doug Stang

page 2

A photo of a juvenile squirrel being held

The Nature of Surprise

Unexpected finds by a biologist in the field

by Sean Madden

page 6

A photo of a pink heelsplitter mussel

Grasse River Pearls

Protecting freshwater mussels through relocation

by Rebecca Quail and Corbin Gosier

page 10

A photo of an adult and a juvenile red fox

Species Spotlight: The Red Fox

by John Shea

page 14

A photo of the new entrance to Frontier Town, with equestrians

Frontier Town - Fond Memories and a Bright Future

by Laura DiBetta; with Peter Constantakes

page 16

A photo of a DEC Fish & Wildlife Technician holding a brown trout

New York's Fish Pathology Lab

A history of ensuring healthy fish and great fishing

by Geof Eckerlin

page 20

A photo of Bannerman Castle

Through a Train Window: Riding Along the Hudson River

by Peter Constantakes

page 22

A photo of 2 great horned owl chicks in their nest

Home Sweet Home

Biologists at Bethpage provide nesting sites for great horned owls

by Conservationist staff; Photos by James Jones

page 26


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Sarah B. Geesler

page 25


by Conservationist Staff

page 28


Includes feature Ask the Biologist

by Eileen Stegemann and Ellen Bidell

page 30

Back Trails

Magical Monitoring

by Sarah Lazazzero

page 32