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Volume 74, Number 1

August, 2019

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A photo of the author's daughter at the top of the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

A Tall Tale

Hiking a Catskill fire tower

by Mary Elizabeth

page 2

A photo of Canada geese in a park

Canada Geese in New York--Residents or Visitors?

by Joshua Stiller

page 6

A photo of a diver exploring an artificial reef

Exploring New York's Artificial Reefs

by Amy Lipsky

page 10

A photo of two people working on trail

Building for the Future

Sustainable trails help visitors leave no trace

by Jane Raffaldi and McCrea Burnham

page 12

A photo of scenery at Bear Spring Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Bear Spring Mountain Wildlife Management Area

by Larry Bifaro

page 16

A photo of a dam on the Croton River

Hydrilla in the Croton River

Battling a modern-day mythological monster

by Nicole White

page 18

A photo the inside of the visitor center at Salmon River Fish Hatchery

Salmon River Fish Hatchery

by Thomas Kielbasinski

page 22

A photo of male Seneca white deer

Seneca White Deer

Home on the range at a former military base

by Dee Calvasina

page 24


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Sarah B. Geesler

page 21


by Conservationist Staff

page 28


Includes feature Ask the Biologist

by Eileen Stegemann and Ellen Bidell

page 30

Back Trails

Breakfast in the Woods

by Josh Clague

page 32