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Conservationist 2015 Issues

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December 2015

View the December 2015 issue (PDF, 2.72 MB)

Highlights of the December issue:

  • Learn about duck banding in the Finger Lakes
  • Build a winter survival shelter
  • Survey the bats in Hailes Cave, Thacher Park
  • Explore the waterfowl that overwinter in New York
  • Commute by the winter!
  • Read about public-private partnerships in the Adirondacks
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October 2015

View the October 2015 issue (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Highlights of the October issue:

  • Marvel at the photography of Nathan Farb
  • Learn about choosing the right bird dog
  • Read about collaring and tracking moose
  • Investigate mushroom packaging materials
  • Manage a woodlot for wildlife
  • Visit the Salmon River Hatchery
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August 2015

View the August 2015 issue (PDF, 3.55 MB)

Highlights of the August issue:

  • Revisit the artwork of Winslow Homer through the eyes of artist Michael Ringer
  • Hear Lincoln Hull's story of becoming an Adirondack 46er
  • Remember the blowdown of 1995
  • Watch Wildlife at Green Lakes State Park
  • Experience Goodman Mountain
  • Learn about the southern pine beetle
  • Honor an eagle pioneer
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June 2015

View the June 2015 issue (PDF, 3.08 MB)

Highlights of the June issue:

  • See photos from the private collection of Anne LaBastille
  • Learn about banding loons at night
  • Hear from Richard Louv on rejuvenating conservationists
  • Discover horseshoe crabs
  • Veterans heal through fly fishing
  • Enter the world of New York's forest rangers
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April 2015

View the April 2015 issue (PDF, 2.96 MB)

Highlights of the April issue:

  • Breast cancer survivors learn to fly fish through the Casting for Recovery program
  • Learn about New York's carnivorous plants
  • Reflect on the writings of John Burroughs
  • Explore New York's marine life with photographer Chris Paparo
  • Marvel at the incredible migration journey of the red knot
  • Discover the state fish, the eastern brook trout
  • Find out about birding in the city
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February 2015

View the February 2015 issue (PDF, 2.84 MB)

Highlights of the February issue:

  • Enjoy the photography of Aaron Winters
  • Learn about technology being used to track bats
  • See images of the November snowstorm in Western New York
  • Learn about darters
  • See an eagle get released
  • Read about New York's fight against invasive species