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Queens County Community Air Screen Results - Jackson Heights Beautification Group

Air samples were collected at two locations in the Jackson Heights neighborhood in the borough of Queens. The samples were collected for 1-hour with a 6-liter sampling canister and analyzed using a laboratory method which evaluates the presence of 43 toxic air pollutants.

Twenty-eight toxic air pollutants were detected and all were well below the short-term health-based air concentration values. Therefore, the results would not be considered a potential public health threat or an immediate public health concern. The results also are below or within an order of magnitude of the long-term health-based air concentration values and similar to concentrations found in the DEC's ambient air monitoring network. Based on these comparisons, DEC staff concluded that follow-up sampling will not be considered at this time.

Sample collection sites were along or near heavily-traveled roadways. Although, not collected during the heaviest travel time (morning and evening commutes), the results for air toxics commonly associated (e.g., benzene, ethylbenzene, xylenes and toluene) with localized vehicular sources are more pronounced in the sample collected at Ithaca Street and Baxter Avenue. In comparison to other urban areas in the State, the results reflect similar concentrations.

In conclusion, this short-term screening assessment did not identify concentrations of toxic air pollutants that would be considered a public health concern. Additionally, the results do not indicate the need for follow-up sampling at this time.

For additional information, you can download the complete report (PDF) (868 KB, 65 pgs).

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