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Green Your Commute

Two people talk outside about a poster display on plug-in hybrid cars
A Green Your Commute Day participant learns about
the benefits of owning a green car from the person
who owns it.

Need help finding a green commuting option and route?

Go to Google Maps Click "Get Directions," then enter your start and end points and choose your method of
transportation. You should get a few different routes once you choose how you would like to commute.

Green Your Commute Resources

See "Links leaving DEC's Website" at right to find resources listed below.

Public Transportation

Capital District Transit Authority
The CDTA website has a trip planner tool where you can enter your starting point, destination and date and time and your bus route options will be displayed.

New York State employees can get discounted passes that can be used on many forms of public transportation including CDTA and Adirondack Trailways buses, Amtrak and MTA and LIRR trains, NYC subways and many others. See the NYSRide website for details.

Bike to Work

A man in a yellow jacket rides a recumbent bike along a riverside path
Rush hour traffic, or a scenic ride by
the river? You decide.

Before you commute by bike, be sure you and your bike can handle the ride. Test your route before your first commute, and have an alternate route, just in case. The shortest distance may not be the safest and most pleasant route. Know what to do in case of mechanical problems or a flat tire.

Resources: (see "Links Leaving DEC's website" at right)

  • The Albany Bicycle Coalition website has maps of bike routes and locations of bike racks.
  • The New York Bicycling Coalition has good information on staying safe on the road.
  • CDTA's Bikeable Bus web page has a video on how to use the bike racks on the front of all their buses.
  • The League of American Bicyclists has excellent tips and videos about biking to work.

Car and Van-pooling

iPool2: An online source for up-to-date commuter and carpool information-plus a free ride-matching service-for anyone who lives or works in the Capital Region.

511NYRideshare: The Department of Transportation's carpool and ride matching site.

Vanpooling with Vride: Share a ride to work with colleagues or neighbors in a customized 7- to 15-person van.

Green Cars

There are more options than ever if you want to find a vehicle that pollutes less and gets better mileage. If you need help figuring out your options, see EPA's Green Vehicle Guide (see offsite links at right).

Green Your Commute Day

The annual Green Your Commute Day celebrates and educates about greener alternatives to the standard commute: one person in a gasoline-fueled vehicle. Participate by greening your own commute, or stop by and learn about the options:

  • Taking public transportation - skip the traffic, stress and expense of driving
  • Biking, walking, or kayaking - get your daily exercise, no gym membership needed
  • Car or van-pooling - save money and meet people
  • Driving an electric or hybrid vehicle - come learn about all the greenest cars out there

Green Your Commute Day 2014

Thanks to everyone who greened their commute (and to the weather for holding off the rain)! GYCD was a big success. Check out some photos from the event.

The next Green Your Commute Day will be held in May of 2015.

More about Green Your Commute: