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Suffolk County Community Air Screen Results - West Babylon

Two air samples were collected in the town of West Babylon for 1-hour with a 6-liter sampling canister. The initial sample was collected in August 2012 and a follow-up sample was collected approximately three weeks later. The air samples were analyzed using a laboratory method which evaluates the presence of 43 toxic air pollutants.

Eighteen toxic air pollutants were detected in one or both samples. All results for both sampling events were well below the short-term, health-based air concentration values. Therefore, the results would not be considered a potential health threat or an immediate public health concern. The results from the first sampling event did prompt follow-up activities by DEC staff based on comparisons with long-term health-based comparison values and comparisons with monitoring concentrations at other locations in the State. The comparison of these short-term air sample results with long-term health-based comparison values serves as a screening assessment to evaluate if a further examination about the sources of the air pollution in the community should be conducted. Staff do not believe that this is necessary since the results for the second sample were much lower in concentration.

The results for the first sample were further evaluated to better understand the source and found to show a profile that most closely represents unburned gasoline. Short-term exposure to constituents of gasoline is not uncommon during refueling of cars or garden equipment. Follow-up sampling yielded concentrations similar to what is found at monitoring sites in other locations of the State and below both short-term and long-term health-based concentrations.

In conclusion, this short-term screening assessment did not identify concentrations of toxic air pollutants that would be considered a public health concern. Additionally, the results do not indicate the need for follow-up sampling at this time.

For additional information, you can download the complete report (PDF) (750 KB, 52 pgs)

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