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NYC Damage and DEC Response Photos

A section of paved road, torn from its supports lies in the sand near beachfront residences

Sandy tore this section of a wooden promenade from its concrete supports and deposited it, and tons of sand, in this residential area.

Section of a paved bridge at the beach torn from its supports

The storm tore large sections of this boardwalk in the Averne neighborhood of Rockaway from the concrete supports.

Aerial photo of a containment boom surrounding an area of an inlet

A floating dredge pipe used for beach restoration lies acress East Rockaway Inlet.

A man in a orange hard hat and safety vest talks with a woman outside a residence in a neighborhood

A spill response team member talks with a resident of Broad Channel Island, Queens.

Two men in a large basement on a walkway over three large oil tanks.

Pumping out oil tanks in the basement of a Rockaway high school.

A man stands outside a house next to a rusty 275 gallon oil tank that has been relocated by a hurricane

DEC spill reponders locate outdoor oil tanks torn loose by the hurricane.

Aerial view of a burned residential neighborhood of dozens of homes.

Aerial view of the burned residential neighborhood.

An aerial photo of a dense residential neighborhood showing dozens of homes destroyed by fire.

The Breezy Point neighborhood in Queens, destroyed by fire.

The remains of a brick structure destroyed by the hurricane, filled with, and surrounded by debris.

The remains of a Breezy Point structure destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Four DEC staff at the site of an underground tank in an urban neighborhood.

A tank in Queens, NY is pumped out.

DEc and strom response personnel pump out a partially exposed underground tank in a residential neighborhood.

Bystanders watch as the contents of a partially exposed oil tank are pumped out.

An Environmental Conservation Officer stands guard at the entrance of a flooded tunnel leaving a city.

An ECO guards the entrance to one of the flooded tunnels leaving Manhattan.

An officer talks to a woman who has three large shopping bags.

An ECO advises a New York City resident.

An officer distributes packaged Ready Meals to residents in an urban area

ECO Eastwood hands out Ready Meals to New York City residents.

Inundated property and woods in a densely residential neighborhood

Storm waters have formed new "lakes" between the ocean and this dense residential neighborhood.

A DEC officer stands by a broken guard rail. Behind him is are sailboats washed ashore by the storm.

ECO Hummel stands in front of sailboats, tossed onto land by Sandy, from a nearby marina in Staten Island.

Forest Ranger Mike Bodnar briefing a Region 5 chainsaw crew on Staten Island after hurricane SANDY

Forest Ranger Mike Bodnar briefs the Region 5 chainsaw crew on Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy.

A large tanker ship deposited on a parking lot by a hurricane.

Environmental Conservation Officers on Staten Island where a large tanker rests in a parking lot.

DEC Responds to Hurricane Sandy

ECO Brassard stands on the hurricane damaged road that runs along the bluffs at the Mount Loretto Unique Area.

Severe erosion off bluffs have undermined a paved road

Hurricane Sandy eroded the bluffs at Mt. Loretto, Staten Island, undermining the road in several places.

A wrecked white yacht at the base of very eroded, forested bluffs.

A wrecked power boat sits at the base of the eroded bluffs along Mt. Loretto, Staten Island