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Letter to Be Green Participants

The following is a letter from the Division Director, Salvatore Ervolina, P.E., of the Division of Material Management to the Be Green participants:

Thank you for becoming a Be Green Business and helping to promote organic landscaping and pesticide use reduction in New York State. The program is meant to give a customer peace of mind that businesses offering Be Green services will use only organic products and practices. We are pleased to see the program growing as new businesses like yours come on board.

In the interests of ensuring everyone's success, we wanted to take this opportunity to emphasize two important points about the Be Green agreement you have entered into:

  1. First, the one-day Be Green training was meant to introduce you to how the program works and the larger concepts of organic landscaping. It was not meant to teach you everything you need to know about organic landscaping if you do not already have experience in this field. Depending on your level of experience and the nature of your business, you may want or need to seek out further training opportunities before signing up Be Green clients.
  2. When you sign a Be Green client, one of the conditions of the service mark agreement is that you cannot use any prohibited products or practices on that client's property for the calendar year. If you do, DEC will have to terminate the service mark agreement and you can no longer be a Be Green business or use the service mark. This does not mean all your clients have to be Be Green. You can still also have non-Be Green clients signed up for other types of services. But if a client engages you for Be Green services at the start of a season, you cannot use prohibited products or practices for that client during a given calendar year.

If either of the above points were not clearly understood by you prior to signing the agreement, and if you are concerned that you have signed up Be Green clients without fully understanding the limitations of the program, you will have an opportunity to retract any Be Green agreement you may have already entered into with a client during a 30-day grace period starting from the date of this letter. After this 30-day grace period, such a change would cause DEC to terminate the service mark agreement.

It is our intent to promote proper and successful organic landscaping practices and we want you and your clients to be happy with them.

Please contact Martin Williams, of my staff at (518) 402-8788 if you need any further clarification on the above, or consult our website and frequently asked questions.

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