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Instructions for Businesses to Apply for a Be Green Service Mark Agreement

Key Points for Be Green Businesses to Understand

• The one-day Be Green training is meant to cover the basic concepts of organic lawn care and the specifics of the Be Green Agreement. Providers with less experience in this field may want to seek out more training before signing Be Green clients.

• Providers who sign up clients for Be Green services may not use prohibited products or practices on that client's property during the same calendar year. If a client is dissatisfied, he or she can hire a different provider, but the Be Green provider cannot change the terms of their agreement or use a prohibited product or practice on that client's property. When the calendar year is over, on January 1 of the following year, a Be Green business is then free to sign clients up for a different type of service, if the clients wish to do so.

• The I.D. card is not a Department certification, license or qualification to practice organic yard care. It is meant to ensure that any client who signs up for Be Green services has a guarantee that no prohibited pesticides will be used on their property by the Be Green business.

Steps for Completing a Be Green Service Mark License Agreement

A Business seeking approval from the NYSDEC to enter a Be Green Organic Yards NY Service Mark Agreement must follow the steps below:

  1. Read and complete a Service Mark Agreement for Businesses (available in PDF 86.1 KB and Microsoft Word 1.07 MB), and sign the signature page.
  2. Complete and sign the form for Confirmation of Successful Completion of Basic Training Course and Exam (available in PDF 38.5 KB and Microsoft Word 1.04 MB).
  3. Mail the original hard copy of the signed Agreement and signed Confirmation form together to the NYSDEC at the following address:

    NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
    Bureau of Pesticides Management
    Pesticide Reporting & Certification Section
    625 Broadway
    Albany, New York 12233-7254

After receiving the Service Mark Agreement package, the NYSDEC will review it and:

Sign the Agreement if it finds the Agreement and forms satisfactory and complete. The NYSDEC will then provide the Business with a copy of the Agreement signed by both parties. NOTE: Only upon receipt from NYSDEC of the Agreement signed by both parties will the Business be allowed to use the Be Green service mark or be able to provide services called "Be Green".


The NYSDEC will advise the Business of any deficiencies in the Agreement and accompanying forms with an explanation of revisions needed. In that case, the NYSDEC would not sign the Agreement. If the Business revises and resubmits the package to NYSDEC, the Department may reconsider the submittal.

After Businesses Have Entered a Service Mark Agreement

The Business must complete other forms after it has entered a Be Green Service Mark Agreement. The forms relate to continuing education and additional individuals who complete basic Be Green training. See conditions I. B. and D., and III. A. 4., C. and D in the Agreement.