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Instructions for Course Providers to Apply for the Service Mark Agreement

A Course Provider seeking approval from the NYSDEC to enter a Be Green Organic Yards NY Service Mark Agreement must follow the steps below:

  1. Read and complete a Service Mark Agreement for Course Providers (available in either PDF 91.0 KB or Microsoft Word 1.08 MB), and sign the signature page.
  2. Complete and sign the following:
    1. Course Application Form (available in either PDF 61.3 KB or Microsoft Word 1.06 MB) for the first basic training course the Course provider will offer, and
    2. Instructor Application Form (available in either PDF 44.4 KB or Microsoft Word 1.04 MB) for each instructor teaching the basic training course.
  3. Develop the half-hour qualifying exam. Under condition I. B. of the Service Mark Agreement, the exam must cover the range of topics in the basic training course outline in the Agreement. The exam must include a minimum of ten questions from a DEC-provided list of questions and the Course Provider should add 5-10 questions of their own. The exam must be submitted with the service mark agreement application package (see #4 below). To develop the exam for submittal, the Course Provider may do one of the following:
    • When developing the exam, the Course Provider may telephone DEC (518-402-8788) to be sent the DEC list of questions to include in their exam. The Course Provider would then submit the entire exam (including DEC and Course Provider questions) with the Service Mark Agreement application package. (DEC would then review the package.)
    • Submit the Course Provider questions, which would address some of the primary topics in the outline, to DEC with the Service Mark Agreement application package (see #4). DEC would then review the package. If DEC approves the application, it will transmit the DEC questions with the signed Agreement to the Course Provider. The Course Provider must, before holding the course and exam, add a minimum of 10 questions from the DEC list to the questions developed by the Course Provider. The exam would be made up of the DEC and Course Provider questions, which would address all primary topics in the outline.
  4. Mail the original hard copies of the signed Agreement and signed Course Application and Instructor Application forms together to the NYSDEC at the following address:

    NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
    Bureau of Pest Management
    Pesticide Reporting & Certification Section
    625 Broadway
    Albany, New York 12233-7254

After receiving the License Agreement package, the NYSDEC will review it and do one of the following:

  • Sign the Agreement if it finds the Agreement and forms satisfactory and complete. The NYSDEC will then send to the Course Provider a copy of the Agreement signed by both parties. NOTE: Only upon receipt, from NYSDEC, of the Agreement signed by both parties will the Provider be licensed to use the Be Green service mark and be able to offer Be Green courses.
  • Advise the Course Provider of any deficiencies in the Agreement and accompanying forms with an explanation of revisions needed. In that case, the NYSDEC would not sign the Agreement. If the Course Provider revises and resubmits the package to NYSDEC, the Department would reconsider the submittal.

Forms to be Completed After Entering a License Agreement

The Course Provider must complete certain forms after it has entered a Be Green Service Mark Agreement. The forms relate to continuing education, different qualifying courses, and course rosters. See conditions I. C. and II. B. and C. in the Agreement.

Deadlines associated with any of the above steps are indicated on the linked materials.