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How to Become a Be Green Course Provider

Be Green Organic Yards NY course providers are an important part of the program. Course providers will deliver the initial day-long basic training, which businesses must complete before participating in the program. They will also provide 4 hours of of continuing education that Be Green businesses must take every two years.

Course providers enter a service mark agreement with the NYSDEC for the right to use the Be Green service mark when providing services in accordance with the conditions in the agreement. All of the "basics" about Be Green courses are contained in the agreement, such as curricular and instructor requirements and procedural steps (for example, course rosters).

Help make this organic land care program a success. DEC encourages course providers to participate in Be Green. If you are interested in becoming a provider, see the helpful instructions on how to apply for a Be Green agreement. The service mark agreement and forms incorporated by reference into the agreement are available on this website and include:

Assistance for Course Providers

For further assistance, questions and answers are provided. You may email us with questions at

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