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Environmental Stimulus Funding

New York State is receiving funds to address leaking underground oil storage tanks
New York State is receiving funds to address
leaking underground oil storage tanks.

The federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allocated $26.7 billion in stimulus funding to entities (e.g. state agencies, local government, not-for-profit) in New York State for education, health and public safety, environment, and infrastructure.

Major environment-related projects in New York State total nearly $1 billion for projects addressing:

  • Clean water, drinking water, and wastewater treatment infrastructure
  • Alternative energy and energy conservation and efficiency
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Diesel emission reductions
  • Other environmental programs

Additional ARRA money targeting mass transit, rail service and weatherization will also reap environmental benefits. Visit NY Works-Funding Opportunities (leaving DEC's site) for detailed information about dollar amounts, availability, eligibility and contact information for ARRA funding in New York. For national totals of environment-related funding, see the link to federal agency stimulus projects in the left-hand column.

NYS Stimulus Oversight Panel

If you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, or discrimination regarding how federal stimulus dollars are spent in New York State, please contact the NYS Stimulus Oversight Panel at 1-800-DO-RIGHT or email the panel chairperson at Members of the panel include the NYS Inspector General, MTA Inspector General, Medicaid Inspector General, and Human Rights Commissioner.

How ARRA Funding is Distributed in New York State

DEC is working with federal agencies on maximizing and distributing New York's share of ARRA funds for environmental projects. Federal ARRA funds flow to New York in three ways:

  • By direct federal expenditure
    • Example: U.S. Department of Energy funds to conduct environmental cleanup of federal defense sites in New York State
  • By discretionary (competitive) grants
    • Example: U.S. Department of Agriculture grants to small rural municipalities for water/sewer projects
  • Calculated using a formula
    • Example: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency formula grant to New York State for clean water loans to be administered by NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation

DEC Working with Federal Agencies, Localities and Project Sponsors

DEC coordinates with federal agencies and local governments to ensure that ARRA-funded projects benefit local communities and the state overall. In addition, some of the federal funds are administered or distributed as grants and low-interest loans by New York State agencies. For example, New York State has identified wastewater infrastructure improvements as a critical need. DEC is partnering with the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation to select local water quality projects for low-interest loans.

DEC also works with project sponsors to make sure that all environmental permitting responsibilities are met. If you have questions regarding a stimulus project proposal that has been submitted, please email DEC and someone will respond to you.

Check this Web Page for Updates

To improve transparency and accountability, DEC, along with other New York State agencies which receive stimulus funding, is providing information on how the monies are being used. Please check this website often for updates.

Additional information on New York State's economic recovery plan (NY Works) can be found at the offsite link located in the right column.