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Green Lawns and Gardens

Have a Beautiful Yard without Chemicals

Watch a clip about lawn care tips and check out other clips on DEC's YouTube Channel.

We all want a beautiful looking yard, but also one that is safe for our families, friends and pets to enjoy. Use the tips and resources on this page to learn how to have both and protect the environment at the same time.

Why Make the Switch from Lawn Chemicals?

Lawns and gardens maintained with repeated fertilizer and pesticide applications may look perfect but this perfection is achieved at the expense of soil vitality.

The chemically dependent lawn is more prone to disease and less able to handle stresses from drought, heat and insects. In addition, lawn chemicals and toxins can build up in soils, leach into our water, and pose potential hazards to people, pets and non-target species such as bees and birds.

Tips and Resources for a Chemical Free Yard

Whether you maintain your yard yourself, use a landscaping and lawn care service, or are in the landscape and lawn care business, the links below will help you choose products and practices that are effective alternatives to toxic chemicals.

For Homeowners and Residents:

For Lawn Care and Landscape Professionals:

More about Green Lawns and Gardens:

  • Green Yard and Garden Tips - Tips on how to have a beautiful lawn and garden without using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.
  • Green Lawns and Gardens Resources - Links to additional information from other state government and non-profit sites on non-toxic lawn and landscape care.