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EJ Related Policy and Regulations

CP-29 DEC Enviromental Justice Policy

Issuing Authority: Commissioner Erin M. Crotty
Date Issued: 3/19/03
Latest Date Revised: 3/19/03

Commissioner Policy 29 (CP-29) provides guidance for incorporating environmental justice concerns into the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) environmental permit review process and the DEC application of the State Environmental Quality Review Act. The policy also incorporates environmental justice concerns into some aspects of the DEC's enforcement program, grants program and public participation provisions. The policy is written to assist DEC staff, the regulated community and the public in understanding the requirements and review process.

This policy amends the DEC environmental permit process by identifying Potential Environmental Justice Areas; providing information on environmental justice to applicants with proposed projects in those communities; enhancing public participation requirements for proposed projects in those communities; establishing requirements for projects in Potential Environmental Justice Areas with the potential for at least one significant adverse environmental impact; and providing alternative dispute resolution opportunities to allow communities and project sponsors to resolve issues of concern to the community.

CP-29 will promote the fair involvement of all people in the DEC environmental permit process. It will do this by training and educating DEC staff on environmental justice; providing public access to DEC permit information; incorporating environmental justice concerns into DEC's permit review process; and pursuing technical assistance grants to enable community groups in potential environmental justice areas to more effectively participate in the environmental permit review process.

This policy contains groundbreaking elements which will lead the nation in environmental justice. As such, the DEC expects that the policy will be revised regularly to account for new information in the area of environmental justice and other issues encountered during the implementation of CP-29.

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