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Cayuga Indian Nation Request to Take Land into Trust Comments

New York's Comments on Cauyga Nation Land Trust Request

The resulting report which constitutes New York's comments to the Bureau of Indian Affairs is a very large electronic document. If you have a high speed connection, you can access the full report through DEC's FTP site. Use the two FTP links below to download both files. WARNING: The download times are estimated to be several hours if you are using a dial-up connection, approximately 1 hour with a DSL connection.

FTP Link: Group 1 Parcels Report New York's comments to Oneida Indian Nation's Land In Trust Application Group 1 Parcels-Oneida County, New York (PDF) (112 MB)

You may also request the document on CD through the DEC Office of General Counsel.

Comment Document

Cover and Table of Contents (PDF) (394 KB)

Report: Comments on the Cayuga Indian Nation's Land In Trust Applications Cayuga County and Seneca County, New York (PDF) (356 KB)
Appendix A Figures (Figs. 1 - 26) Note: some of the following files are very large and will require long download times.

Appendix A Fly Sheet (PDF) (15 KB)

Figure 1-Parcels (PDF) (386 KB)

Figure 2-Land Claim Boundary (PDF) (2.29 MB)

Figure 3-Buffer Zone (PDF) (314 KB)

Figure 4-New York State Freshwater Wetlands (PDF) (1.56 MB)

Figure 5-Hydric Soils (PDF) (9 MB)

Figure 5A-Hydric Soils Detail (PDF) (6.3 MB)

Figure 6-Natural Heritage Program (PDF) (3.56 MB)

Figure 7-Streams (PDF) (1.06 MB)

Figure 8-Water and Sewer Districts (PDF) (506 KB)

Figure 9-Flood Zone (PDF) (3.36 MB)

Figure 10-National Register Sites (PDF) (406 KB)

Figure 12-Solid Waste Facilities (PDF) (392 KB)

Figure 13-Regulated Facilities (PDF) (411 KB)

Figure 14-Petroleum Bulk Storage Facilities (PDF) (395 KB)

Figure 15-Gas Stations (PDF) (392 KB)

Figure 16-Oil and Gas Well Permits (PDF) (402 KB)

Figure 17-Chemical Bulk Storage Facilities (PDF) (398 KB)

Figure 18-Zoning (PDF) (659 KB)

Figure 19-Schools and Hospitals (PDF) (400 KB)

Figure 20-New York State Parks (PDF) (397 KB)

Figure 21-Landmarks (PDF) (1.39 MB)

Figure 22-School Districts (PDF) (473 KB)

Figure 23-Fire Districts (PDF) (506 KB)

Figure 24-Agricultural Districts (PDF) (4.88 MB)

Figure 25-Prime Farmland (PDF) (12.49 MB)

Figure 25A-Prime Farmland Detail (PDF) (2.69 MB)

Figure 26-Environmental Justice (PDF) (387 KB)

Appendix B Tabular Summary of CIN Parcels

Summary of Cayuga Land Parcels Table (PDF) (67 KB)

Appendix C Parcel Descriptions

Cayuga/Seneca Parcel Fact Sheets (PDF) (395 KB)

Appendix D Rare Plant Inventory (Cayuga & Seneca Counties)

Rare Plant Inventory List (PDF) (70 KB)

Appendix E Tabular Summary of CIN Property Taxes & Special Assessments

Cayuga Taxes & Special Assessment Table (PDF) (55 KB)

Appendix F Correspondence from County Emergency Management Officials

Correspondence from County Emergency Management Officials (PDF) (62 KB)

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