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NYS Governor's Awards for Pollution Prevention - JRLON, Inc.

JRLON, Inc., Palmyra, New York


JRLON, a custom fabricator of plastics and metal products, employs 70 people. Their pollution prevention project consisted of recycling of packaging materials, scrap, and used paint solvents. They also developed a coating system that eliminated the use of the solvent methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), which resulted in zero VOC emissions.

Methodologies and Procedures

In late 1989, JRLON established a corporate environmental task force, including managers and hourly workers, to be in charge of planning and implementing actions to reduce or eliminate pollution at the work site. The task force developed and carried out the following pollution prevention strategies:

Recycle packaging materials -- by identifying the material that could be recycled, 30 tons of corrugated packaging went to a recycler in 1994 and not to the landfill.

Recycle process scrap -- by collecting and keeping clean scrap, 11 tons of uncontaminated scrap was sold that otherwise would have gone to the landfill.

Make the customer responsible -- JRLON negotiated with customers that supplied aluminum and steel rollers for remanufacturing to dispose of the unusable rollers at their own expense. Because the customer is responsible for disposal, the customer is encouraged to clean and recycle the unusable rollers.

Recycle used paint solvents -- in 1990, JRLON purchased a solvent recovery still which provided a significant reduction in MEK purchased and emitted and in waste solvents transferred off-site for disposal.

Change the process -- even though significant reductions in the use of MEK were achieved through the solvent recovery system, an increase in production made it necessary to look for a more effective MEK reduction strategy. JRLON then developed and installed a computer controlled powder coating line that totally eliminate the use of MEK and delivers a higher quality product and eliminates the need to add MEK to the formulation.


The company realized economic benefits in the areas of disposal costs, reduction in the amount of paint needed, elimination of solvent usage, reduction in the costs of raw materials, and improved product quality and increased production.

Potential liability has been lessened by eliminating solvent fumes to workers and the community.

The sale of process scrap generated revenues of more than $28,000 for 1994.

The elimination of MEK saved an estimated $2,800 for 1994.

The recycled corrugated packaging saved an estimated $2,615 a year from trash removal.

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