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Strathmore Products, Inc., Syracuse, New York


For years Onondaga County residents, like most other New York State residents, discarded their unused paint in landfills. The paints toxic constituents, in particular heavy metals such as lead, are potential contaminants of ground and surface waters. In 1990 when the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) assumed responsibility for managing the county's municipal solid waste, they enlisted the help of Strathmore Products, Inc. in designing an alternative to this method of paint disposal. Strathmore Products, a small company employing 68 people, is a manufacturer of industrial and architectural coatings.

Methodologies and Procedures

In conjunction with OCRRA, Strathmore Products developed a process and system whereby waste household paints are collected, processed, blended, reformulated, repackaged and resold to OCRRA at the cost of reformulating (approximately $3.75 per gallon) the paint. Strathmore Products set aside manufacturing time to process the collected paint and provided storage and pick up areas. OCRRA provides the recycled paint to municipalities and non-profit agencies and organizations free of charge. In the first 4 years of this project, 10,280 gallons of paint that normally would have been landfilled have been recycled.

Technology Transfer

Recently the Strathmore-OCRRA contract for paint recycling was distributed to every paint manufacturing member of the National Paint & Coatings Association. The NPCA thought that an arrangement modeled after this contract would be an ideal way for any paint manufacturer to get involved in a post-consumer paint recycling program in their community.


Strathmore has become a partner with OCRRA in meeting the paint disposal needs of Onondaga County residents while providing a useable end product for the community by recycling latex paint.

The economic benefits include the savings realized by the non-profit organizations using the free recycled paint. For example, at $7.50 per gallon,10,280 gallons of free recycled paint produces a cost savings of $77,100.

The arrangement provides OCRRA with a less expensive paint management option than handling through a hazardous waste disposal facility. It is estimated that OCCRA saved $37,381 in hazardous waste disposal costs for the 10,280 gallons of paint that were recycled.

The major benefit is to the environment due to reuse of paint instead of disposing it in a landfill.

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