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NYS Governor's Awards for Pollution Prevention - Winross Co., Inc.

Winross Co., Inc., East Rochester


Winross, Americas's premier manufacturer of promotional truck models is a small company employing 98 people located in East Rochester. For 30 years, Winross has manufactured quality custom order scale truck models for advertisement and promotion. The traditional cleaning operations at Winross generated spent solvent which was disposed of as hazardous waste. By recycling spent solvent the hazardous waste disposal volume decreased over 75 percent in 1995 compared to 1993, realizing a total savings of $11,000 for 1995.

Methodologies and Procedures

In June of 1994 Winross installed a Waste Solvent Recovery System to recycle spent solvent, a mixture of methyl ethyl ketone and butyl alcohol, generated from surface coating equipment cleaning operations. The system installed was a Finish Thompson LS-15D distillation unit capable of distilling 15 gallons of solvent per shift. The solvent recovered is reused in their surface coating equipment cleaning operation and the still bottoms are disposed of as hazardous waste. Prior installation of the distillation unit, all of their waste solvent was disposed of as hazardous waste.

In addition to installation of the still, every employee attempts to minimize the amount of cleaning solvents used. Scheduling has been improved to reduce the amount of paint changeovers and hence minimize the amount of solvent used for cleaning.

Winross has also moved to dramatically decrease the amount of waste paint generated. These include installation of an automatic paint line, hiring a paint room supervisor and paint technician, and getting all employees involved in the effort to reduce waste paint generation. Winross changes in tackling their waste generating activities resulted in increased paint application efficiencies, significantly reducing their paint and solvent purchases. Also realized were product quality improvements, along with a reduced load on plant, personnel and equipment, all of which contribute to a reduction in the amount of waste paint generated.


Winross decreased their hazardous waste disposal volume by 75 percent and their waste paint generation by 90 percent.

Prior to 1994, 3,312 gallons of waste solvent had to be disposed at a cost of $10,000. After installing the distillation unit, the cost for disposal of distillation bottoms was $6,000. Although it cost approximately $3,000 per year to operate the distillation unit, the net economic benefit of operating the distillation unit resulted in saving $11,000 in 1995.

Along with decreasing disposal costs, Winross has minimized any potential liability from hazardous waste disposal.

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