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Parker Hannifin Corporation, Lyons


Parker Hannifin Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of motion control components and systems for a variety of industrial and aerospace markets. The company's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Division has two plants in Lyons which employs 500 people. The division manufactures refrigeration and air conditioning components and is a unit of Parker's Climate and Industrial Controls Group.

Methodologies and Procedures

Before 1995, Parker used a solvent-based paint for product finishing. Emissions included n-butyl alcohol and toluene. The painting operation created approximately 20 tons of permitted volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions per year while generating an additional two drums of hazardous waste.

In early 1994, the company began to look at waterborne coatings for their cost savings and environmental benefits. A variety of problems were found with the "off-the-shelf" coatings available at the time. A decision was made to work with one or two paint suppliers to develop coatings that would meet the needs of the division and its customers while maintaining the original benefits.

In late 1995, the first-generation waterborne coating was ready for production use. This material provided comparable quality to the previous solvent-based paint while providing a substantial cost savings and a 90 percent reduction in VOC emissions. This process change also eliminated the last source of hazardous waste shipped from the facility.

By late 1996, the second generation waterborne coating was ready to replace the first. This new coating provides a 100 percent improvement in salt spray and abrasion resistance.


Volatile organic compound emissions were reduced 90 percent from 20 tons to 2 tons per year. Worker comfort was also improved by eliminating fugitive VOC emissions in the plant.

The change to waterborne coatings eliminated the last source of hazardous waste from the facility.

First year cost savings amounted to $137,000 from raw materials and maintenance.

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