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Goulds Pumps was founded in 1848 by Seabury S. Gould and grew to be one of the largest manufacturers of pumps in the world. The Seneca Falls Operation (SFO) has 1,090 employees and manufactures pumps for municipal water supplies and the chemical process, paper manufacturing, and petroleum industries. In 1997, Goulds Pumps, through acquisition, became a division of ITT Industries making it part of the largest pump company in the world.

In 1995, the SFO embarked on a plan to improve its coating processes, reduce emissions, maximize the capture of paint overspray, and minimize the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The goals were to substantially better the environmental requirements.

Methodologies and Procedures


A team was formed consisting of personnel from every discipline involved in the coating process and in 1996 the Seneca Falls Operation teamed up with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to further reduce emissions.

Paint Substitution

The SFO worked with Strathmore Coatings located in Syracuse, New York to formulate a water reducible coating. It is functionally more resistant and contains 3.54 pounds less solvent per gallon than the coating it replaced. Ninety percent of paint use was now comprised of 2 waterborne paints. The remaining 10 percent usage was comprised of over 120 different paints. By working with the paint vendor, the SFO reduced this number to 9 different paints or combinations thereof to cover all the functional requirements for its customers.

Method Modifications

The cleaning process was revised to use aqueous detergents rather than solvent cleaners. Paint transfer efficiencies were improved by installing air-assisted airless and high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) painting systems.

New Technology

Particulate filtration capture source units produced by Optimum Air of Malta, New York were installed in the paint booths. These units remove 99.97 percent of the paint overspray. Optimum Air Hydridtm units were installed to dry waterborne paint. These use 15 kilowatts per module, dry the parts so they are ready to pack in 20 minutes and capture fugitive emissions that boil off during drying. The old infrared oven used 240 kilowatts and required 40 minutes to dry paint upon exiting the oven, the parts were too hot to handle, and all of the fugitive emissions went up the exhaust stack. The new installations have reduced cycle time, improved quality, reduced emissions, improved the work environment, reduced energy consumption and increased painting process capacity.


14,907 pound reduction in the use of toluene from 1996 to 1997.

17,688 pound reduction in the use of xylene from 1996 to 1997.

The reduction in VOC emissions and use has been beneficial to the community and workers.

Thirty to 50 percent better transfer efficiency by using HVLP painting systems.

The old solvent paint had 5.2 pounds of VOC per gallon, while the new waterborne coatings have 1.66 pounds.

Elimination of the use of VOCs in parts cleaning by using aqueous cleaners.

Reduction of the drying time of waterborne paint by using the Optimum Air Hydridtm units.

Elimination of 99.97 percent of the venting of paint particulate through the use of the Optimum Air capture units.

Electrical use reduced by 2,400 kilowatts per day through the use of the Optimum Air Hydridtm units.

Reduction in the number of coatings used has saved over $100,000 annually in disposal and associated costs.

This pollution prevention project has been beneficial to other industries, as SFO has allowed others to see these systems in operation.

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