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Brookhaven Village Association and South Yaphank Civic Association - 2013-14 Community Air Screen Results

We have re-posted this 2013-14 study report and additional documents to address inquiries from the Brookhaven community.

Four air samples were collected in the Brookhaven community for 1-hour with a 6-liter sampling canister and analyzed using a laboratory method which evaluates the presence of 43 toxic air pollutants.

One of the halogenated alkanes detected with highest estimated risk was 1,2-dibromoethane. This air toxic is difficult to measure reliably and the reported result is very close to the method detection limit. A review of DEC's air toxic monitoring network shows that this air toxic is rarely detected. It is unlikely that the short-term sample result reflects longer-term conditions given the sporadic detection of this air toxic.

The results for pollutants related to vehicular emissions for the sample along a highway were higher than other sampling results. All results from the sample at this location are below the short-term health-based air concentration values and therefore do not represent a short-term health concern. The result for benzene at this location did prompt further review since it was over a 10-in-a-million cancer risk. It is unlikely that the measured concentration from this short-term sampling event reflects long-term exposure conditions since the amount of traffic on the highway during a week day would be considerably different than the amount of traffic on other days or at night. Additionally, the result for benzene is only slightly higher than concentrations found in urban locations in the State and therefore would not be considered unusual.

In conclusion, this limited short-term screening assessment did not identify concentrations of toxic air pollutants that would be considered a public health concern. Although one of the one hour benzene readings was higher than the other results, it was consistent with monitored concentrations across the State and not unexpected given close proximity to a heavily-traveled road.

For additional information, you can download the complete report Brookhaven Village Association and South Yaphank Civic Association - 2013-14 Community Air Screen Program (PDF) (955 KB, 78 pgs).

November 21, 2016 Letter to Ms. Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment (PDF) (771 KB, 13 pgs)

August 10, 2017 Letter to Dr. Joseph Giani, Superintendent of Schools (PDF) (160 KB, 3 pgs)

August 16, 2017 Brookhaven Landfill Fact Sheet (PDF) (232 KB, 2 pgs)