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Summary of 1997 Winners

Award Categories: Small Business Mid-size Business Large Business


Ames Goldsmith Corporation
Ames Goldsmith Corporation, located in Glens Falls is a leading manufacturer of silver based products. This company processes about 20 million ounces of silver per year, representing 12% of the total U.S. consumption of silver products and 96% of the silver oxide used in the U.S. to make batteries. Ames also refines spent alumina catalyst that is used to make ethylene oxide. Their award winning project describes an innovative new catalyst-refining process in the manufacturing of silver-based products that resulted in a 58% reduction of solid waste generated per unit of product. In the first year of operation, Ames saved more than $130,000 as a result of this project.

Hydro-Air Components, Inc
Hydro-Air Components, Inc, located in Hamburg is a manufacturer of hydronic heating equipment which includes cabinet connectors, cabinet unit heaters, custom enclosures, and radiant wall panels. These products have commercial applications for schools, hospitals, prisons, housing projects and office buildings. Hydro-Air switched to a powder coating process which reduced volatile organic compounds emissions from 12 tons to 0. Hazardous waste material was reduced from 4000 lbs to 0. Liquid hazardous waste was reduced from almost 1000 gals to 0. By the end of 1997 the company expects throughput to increase by over 30% that equates to an additional $300,000 in profits. Solid waste disposal savings were $3,400 annually and hazardous liquid waste disposal savings were $2,900 annually after the implementation of their pollution prevention project.


Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation, located in Saratoga Springs manufactures 2-piece metal containers for the beer and beverage industry. The manufacturing process includes metal shearing, forming, cleaning and coating operations. Through several pollution prevention measures, the plant eliminated the use of chlorinated and other toxic solvents; reduced landfill deposits; reduced the amount of chipboard, rags and office paper, and substituted plastic pallets, sheets and top frames for shipping. In 1996, the Saratoga facility recycled 17 million pound of aluminum, generating $10 million. In reducing overall waste quantities sent to the landfill, the plant has saved $34,000. From recycling plastics and wrappings that come back to the company from its customers, the company recovered an additional $15,360. Ball Metal also estimates savings in excess of $10,000 a year from washer maintenance and repair costs by eliminating fluoride from the wastestream.

Curtis Screw Company
Curtis Screw Company, located in Buffalo is a screw machine products manufacturer. Their pollution prevention program eliminated the use of 42 tons per year of 1,1,1-trichloroethane by installing an aqueous parts wash system resulting in air emission reductions of greater than 99%. They also recovered and recycled over 100 tons of used oil per year; recycled solid waste by 3546 tons per year resulting in a 75% reduction in the purchase of corrugated boxes and wooded skids; eliminated the use of oil absorbing floor sweeping compounds that require landfill disposal equivalent to 20 tons per year; installed filter mist air purifiers that removed oil from the air and recycle it to an oil retention system; sealed floor drains in production areas eliminating discharging floor wash water to sewer; and reduced solid waste by over 50%. The combined overall savings from all of Curtis Screw's pollution prevention efforts are estimated at $452,800.

Parker Hannifin Corporation
Parker Hannifin Corporation, located in Lyons is a manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning components for automotive, commercial and residential applications. By converting to a waterborne coating process, efficiency improved and product quality was unimpaired. This process change resulted in the reduction of volatile organic compound emissions from 20 tons to 2 tons per year. It also eliminated the need for hazardous waste disposal. Total savings associated with this project are $137,000.

Schlegel Corporation
Schlegel Corporation, located in Rochester manufactures EMI shielding products for the electronic industry, urethane foam weatherstripping for doors and windows, extrudes plastic trim material for the automotive industry and weaves textile products for the photocopy industry. Their project eliminated the use of methylene chloride as a solvent in the manufacture of urethane foam by using a terpene-based chemical mixture. This process eliminated fugitive emissions of methylene chloride that were exceeding 40,000 lbs/yr. Although the methylene chloride replacement was slightly more expensive, the indirect costs and benefits far outweigh this initial up front cost. Benefits include reduced air permitting requirements and associated fees in excess of $50,000 a year, reduced hazardous waste disposal costs and future liability and reduced employee health exposure monitoring.


Carrier Corporation
Carrier Corporation, located in Syracuse is a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment; refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, transportation refrigeration equipment, centrifugal and reciprocating chillers, and replacement air conditioning coils. Carrier achieved a 90% total reduction in hazardous waste by implementing an electrostatic coating process which resulted in annual volatile organic compound reductions of 58,000 lbs and hazardous air pollutant reductions of 49,000 lbs. Also a solvent-based paint was replaced with a water-borne epoxy primer, reducing hazardous air pollutants emissions 74,000 lbs or 92% from 1993 levels. Hand spray guns applying solvent-based paints were replaced with an automated electrostatic/powder paint system, reducing volatile organic compound emissions 40,000 lbs or 68% and hazardous air pollutant emissions 32,000 lbs or 80%. As a result of these pollution prevention projects, disposal cost savings are estimated at $200,000 annually.

International Paper Company Ticonderoga Mill
International Paper Company Ticonderoga Mill, located in Ticonderoga is a forest products company with a history of 99 years in the State of New York. International Paper manufactures fine printing and publishing papers, recycled paper for the office, cartons for industry, and photographic films and papers for the graphic arts industry. Their winning project is the elimination of chlorine and hypochlorite in the bleaching process resulting in dioxin and chloroform emission reductions at their Ticonderoga plant.

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