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For Release: Monday, June 2, 2014

Cooperation Between State and Local Government Creates New Car-Top Boat Launch Site in Broome County

Chenango River Route 12A Site Completed

A collaborative effort between the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, (NYSDEC), the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Broome County has created a new, car-top fishing access site in Chenango Bridge off of State Route 12A that is now open to the public.

The new site, known as the Chenango River- Route 12A Fishing Access Site, is owned by the NYSDOT and will be maintained by Broome County. The site is located on the north side of the Chenango River and on the west side of Rte. 12A, near the park-and-ride site used by travelers of the I-88 corridor.

"This cooperative effort between two state agencies and Broome County is a great example of how governments can work together to achieve common goals," said NYSDEC Regional Director Ken Lynch. "Governor Cuomo is committed to expanding outdoor recreation opportunities across New York State, and this project will provide residents of the Southern Tier and visitors to the area with an easily accessible car-top boat launch site on the Susquehanna River that was constructed with recycled materials and in-kind labor at little cost to taxpayers."

Regional NYSDOT Director Jack Williams said, "The New York State Departments of Transportation and Environmental Conservation have teamed up to provide safe access to waterways for fishing in other areas of our region in the past. This Fishing Access Site, maintained by Broome County, will be a recreational destination close to the population center of Broome County and not far from Interstate 88. It is good to be able to work together with our colleagues at DEC and Broome County to improve people's quality of life."

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston said, "We want to make it easy for people to enjoy the beautiful rivers we have in Broome County. We were very happy to team up with NYSDEC and NYSDOT to build and maintain this boat launch. We hope to do more to improve access to our natural assets."

Over the years, informal use of the site resulted in a rut-filled dirt road from the park and ride lot down to the river. Access was limited due to the primitive nature of the road. NYSDEC and Broome County approached the NYSDOT about improving the access to the water and all of the parties agreed it was an important endeavor.

NYSDOT provided NYSDEC with 140 tons of screened asphalt millings for use at the entrance to the site; the millings were recycled from local roads. In addition, the road base aggregate for the site came from recycled excavated shoals. These gravel shoals were deposited along NYSDEC maintained and operated Flood Control Projects during the September 2011 flood of record. Using these two types of recycled materials saved thousands of dollars in construction costs.

NYSDEC constructed the new roadway down to the river. A total of 94 man-hours and $1191 of in-kind labor was provided by NYSDEC, as well as a new fishing access sign. Broome County, which already maintains the adjacent Park- and-Ride, will maintain the boat launch site.

The location of the site makes it ideal for a canoe/kayak put-in/pull out site for boaters interested in day trips for fishing or paddling. Nearby water holds smallmouth bass for anglers to pursue. The next closest access site is located three to four miles away. Ultimately the NYSDEC would like to have car-top or trailered boat launches, some owned by NYSDEC and others by various municipalities, located every three to six miles along the southern tier rivers so as to provide recreationists with access to the water.

Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative is an effort to improve recreational opportunities for sportsmen and women and to boost tourism activities throughout the state. This initiative includes streamlining fishing and hunting licenses, reducing license fees, improving access for fishing and increasing hunting opportunities in New York State.

In support of this initiative, this year's budget includes $6 million in NY Works funding to support creating 50 new land and water access projects to connect hunters, anglers, bird watchers and others who enjoy the outdoors to more than 380,000 acres of existing state and easement lands that have not reached their full potential. These 50 new access projects include building new boat launches, installing new hunting blinds and building new trails and parking areas. In addition, the 2014-15 budget includes $4 million to repair the state's fish hatcheries; and renews and allows expanded use of crossbows for hunting in New York State.

This year's budget also reduces short-term fishing licenses fees; increases the number of authorized statewide free fishing days to eight from two; authorizes DEC to offer 10 days of promotional prices for hunting, fishing and trapping licenses; and authorizes free Adventure Plates for new lifetime license holders, discounted Adventure Plates for existing lifetime license holders and regular fee Adventure Plates for annual license holders.

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