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For Release: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Deer Season To Open in Suffolk County

DEC Law Enforcement to Increase Patrols During Expanded Hunting Season

January 7, 2013 marks opening day for the special January shotgun season for deer hunting in Suffolk County, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reminded sportsmen and women today. Hunting areas have been expanded to include all of Suffolk County for the 2013 shotgun season to help manage an expanding deer population.

January shotgun season runs from January 7 through January 31, 2013, weekdays only. There is no deer hunting allowed on weekends during this special season in Suffolk County.

In response to the upcoming expanded deer season, DEC's Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) will step up patrols to assure compliance with the regulations.

"While we support the opportunities for our local sportsmen and women to assist in the management of our whitetail deer resource, it is important that hunters do so lawfully and safely," ECO Captain Timothy Huss said.

DEC regulations require that lands eligible for deer hunting must be at least 10 acres in size, and hunters must possess a valid big game hunting license, a signed landowner's endorsement and a town permit. Only shotguns loaded with a single slug and muzzleloaders are legal for use during the January season. Crossbows are no longer a legal hunting instrument in New York as of December 31, 2012. Hunters should check with local towns and villages to determine any local restrictions or discharge ordinances.

Overpopulations of deer have the ability to negatively impact natural habitats along with agricultural, public and private properties, and public health in the forms of automobile/deer collisions and tick-borne diseases. Hunting is DEC's most effective and efficient known tool to maintain wildlife populations at levels that are compatible with communities and natural resources.

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