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For Release: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DEC Approves New Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVE)

Allows State-of-the-Art 1,000 Megawatt Natural Gas Fired Power Plant in Dutchess County to Move Forward

All required state environmental certification permits for the Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVE), a 1,000 megawatt (MW) electric generating facility to be located in the Town of Dover, Dutchess County, have been approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Commissioner Joe Martens announced today. The approval process includes findings under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) and final Air, Wetland and Water Quality permits.

"As lead agency for SEQR review of this project, DEC staff has carefully and thoroughly examined this project and its environmental impacts," said Commissioner Martens. "This new plant not only offers environmental benefits but also economic benefits to the state and local economy. The project furthers the Governor's efforts to create efficient energy generation and improve reliability, particularly in the lower Hudson Valley. Increased reliability and reduced energy costs will promote economic growth in New York. The project site, an inactive industrial landfill, would be cleaned up as part of its construction."

The project is a combined-cycle, natural gas-powered electric generating facility and interconnection substation (CVE facility) that will be fueled by natural gas exclusively and generate approximately 1,000 MW of electricity. Combined-cycle electrical generation technology is one of the most efficient technologies available for producing electricity and reduces the amount of air pollutants and greenhouse gases that are emitted in generating electricity.

The CVE facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art emissions control technology to control emissions of NOx, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds. A continuous emissions monitoring system will be used to ensure and document facility compliance with applicable emissions standards. Water use will be minimized by the use of air cooled condensers. Process water supply will be provided from new on-site bedrock wells. A zero liquid discharge system will recycle and reuse process wastewater internally, reducing the need for process water and ensuring no discharges into the environment. The CVE facility will employ best management practices for stormwater management to maintain pre-construction peak rates of discharge and minimize the potential for erosion and sedimentation.

The project site totals approximately 193 acres, including 79 acres (west of the Metro-North rail line) within the Great Swamp Critical Environmental Area; a 57-acre Project Development Area east of the railroad line; and an additional 57 acres of industrial land to the south, formerly leased to RASCO Materials LLC. The project also includes a temporary 38.8-acre construction worker parking and laydown site located approximately 2.5 miles north of the Project Development Area.

The Project Development Area was previously used for a variety of industrial activities that resulted in a number of abandoned industrial buildings and deposition of waste piles of assorted non-hazardous materials on the site and in the surrounding wetland areas. The project will provide for the demolition of the abandoned structures and proper disposal of all building materials and management of the waste in accordance with DEC requirements. The project will restore 0.6 acre of wetlands previously degraded by assorted non-hazardous fill material resulting from prior industrial activities. Additionally, 2.4 acres of wetland adjacent area will be restored for wildlife habitat. The entire 79-acre portion of the Great Swamp west of the railroad track to be owned by the Project will remain undisturbed during construction and operation. This 79-acre area will be preserved as part of the Great Swamp Critical Environmental Area.

DEC permits required to construct and operate the facility include a State Air Facility Permit, an Article 24 Freshwater Wetlands Permit, a 401 Water Quality Certificate, and the SPDES Stormwater General Permit for Construction Activities. DEC served as lead agency for SEQR review of the proposed action, coordinated the SEQR review with involved state and local agencies, prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), held public hearings and accepted public comments on the DEIS and draft permits.

The project was refined during the SEQR review process to address many issues of public concern, including acquisition of the former RASCO parcel adjacent to the originally proposed Project Development Area to reduce the level of traffic congestion that would have occurred by sole use of the off-site laydown area for parking, and allow for complete remediation of all former industrial uses of the site. DEC issued a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on July 25, 2012. In today's findings, DEC has determined that the project has been designed to avoid, minimize and mitigate adverse environmental impacts revealed through the EIS process.

Principal documents related to this SEQR review for Cricket Valley Energy Center have been made available on DEC's website, the Cricket Valley Energy website at: Additionally, all documents related to the SEQR process, including the Draft and Final DEIS Scopes, DEIS and FEIS were made available for public review at the following local repositories:

NYS DEC, 625 Broadway - 4th Floor, Albany, New York 12233-1750

NYS DEC - Region 3 Headquarters, 21 South Putt Corners Road, New Paltz, New York 12561, Contact: Daniel Whitehead (845) 256-3041.

Town of Dover Town Hall, 126 East Duncan Hill Road, Dover Plains, New York 12522, Phone: (845) 832-6111, E-mail:

Dover Plains Library, 1797 Route 22, Wingdale, New York 12522, Phone: (845) 832-6605, E-mail:

Cricket Valley Energy Office, 5 Market Street, Dover Plains, New York 12522, Phone: (845) 877-0596, E-mail:

Town of Dover website at:

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