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For Release: Thursday, May 26, 2016

State Forest Management and Stewardship Programs Provide Benefits to State and Local Residents

Highlights for the Region Include Recreational Upgrades and Stewardship Programs

State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) 2015 forestry achievements in Central New York were significant. The DEC Sherburne office finished 2015 with a series of accomplishments that provide services, funding and environmental stewardship for residents in the Chenango/Madison area and for the state.

Achievements include:

  • Designed sustainable timber management treatments on 1,300 acres of State Forests in Chenango and Madison Counties. These treatments included 21commercial timber sales offered for competitive bid, resulting in a projected revenue of more than $1,600,000, which goes back into the state's Natural Resources Account.
  • Issued 614 camping permits to accommodate 3,028 campers on public lands, including Stoney Pond State Forest and Hunt's Pond State Forest, during the May-October season.
  • Visited 30 landowners to review their woodlands and discuss the potential for forest management options; this resulted in 12 forest stewardship plans which will help to protect more than 2,000 acres of private forest lands.
  • Issued more than 200 Deer Management Assistance Permits for Beaver Meadows State Forest where 48 antlerless deer were harvested during the regular and bow season.
  • Offered 37 home firewood lots on State Forests in Chenango & Madison Counties, involving more than 300 full cords of wood, generating more than $9,000 in sales.
  • Received a generous donation of materials from the New York State Plantation Walking Horse Club to help with trail repairs and maintenance to the equestrian facilities at Charles E. Baker State Forest.
  • Issued 31 Temporary Revocable Permits to allow for special activities on State Forests.
  • Approved 8 Volunteer Stewardship Agreements with organizations such as hiking clubs and snowmobile clubs to foster public participation in the maintenance and enhancement of State Forest lands.
  • A great amount of work was also accomplished during 2015 on revising several Unit Management Plans (UMPs) for public lands managed through the NYS DEC office in Sherburne. These UMPs provide a wealth of information on the specific forest properties, and they define the goals & objectives for the management of these lands. The UMPs addressed in 2015 include Broome State Forests, Long Pond, Brookfield, McDonough, Treaty Line, and Northern Chenango.

"This impressive list of accomplishments brings significant revenue to the state while engaging citizens and improving outdoor education and recreational pursuits for the public," noted DEC Acting Regional Director Joe Sluzar. "Residents are fortunate to have a vast number of recreational opportunities available in our state forests in the region, all of which are available at no cost to the public."

Additional work was successfully completed by the DEC Sherburne Operations Office as part of its partnership work with DEC's Division of Lands & Forests. This work included maintenance and improvements to many of the parking areas, public forest access roads, camp sites, recreational trails, and information signs on the state forests. The Division of Operations also provided services for mowing of grasslands and roadsides, as well as the removal of unlawfully discarded trash on public lands.

These efforts contribute to the quality and accessibility of the public lands in this region. Management of the timber on State Forests provides significant financial resources to the state's Natural Resources Account and ensures quality timber for the state and regional markets. Maintenance of the forests' recreational facilities enables the public to have free, accessible places to hunt, fish, hike, camp, horseback ride and cross country ski. Collectively this cooperative work provides the region and the state with positive benefits for all people.

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