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For Release: Friday, February 6, 2015

DEC Region 6 Environmental Conservation Police 2014 Hunting Season Report

The 2014 regular deer season (Oct. 25 through Dec 16, 2014) concluded with a total of 353 hunting-related enforcement actions reported by Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Region 6 Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs). Region 6 covers St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, Herkimer and Oneida counties. ECOs ticketed numerous poachers for violating hunting and firearm laws and regulations during the big game hunting season.

"Environmental Conservation Police are diligent at enforcing hunting and trapping laws to ensure suitable populations of deer, bear and other wildlife," said Regional ECO Captain, Todd Richards. "While the list of offences may be long, it also shows that the thousands of people who hunt do follow the laws, appreciate the privilege of pursuing game and enjoy their sport safely and responsibly. The majority of men and women who hunt and anyone who enjoys the outdoors will not hesitate to give our offices a call to report potential violations of environmental law, in particular those which apply to fish and wildlife."

Region 6 ECOs charged 228 individuals with a total of 353 total charges. The charges included 171 misdemeanors and 181 violations. The breakdown of the charges include:

  • 60 charges pertaining to the illegal taking of big game (55 m and 5 v);
  • 5 possession of firearm during bow or muzzleloader season (m);
  • 12 discharge of a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling (m);
  • 2 discharge of a bow within 150 feet of a dwelling (v);
  • 5 Penal Law - criminal possession of a weapon 4th (m);
  • 71 firearms related charges (loaded gun in a motor vehicle, shooting from roadway) (m);
  • 103 tickets related to tagging, reporting and licensing (v);
  • 5 charges for hunting with the aid of bait (v);
  • 38 trespassing on posted property (v);
  • 4 take deer with an artificial light (m);
  • 12 use of spotlight with an unsecured gun or bow (m);
  • 1 feeding bears (v);
  • 11 feeding deer within 300 feet of a road (v);
  • 6 false statements charges; 5 Penal Law and 1 false statement applying for a license (m);
  • 14 hunting after hours (v); and
  • 4 additional charges; hunting with barbed broadheads (1 v), hunt big game with semi-auto firearm holding greater than 6 rounds (1 v), and take deer with implement not specified (2 m).

One additional charge of illegal taking of a moose resulted in a civil compromise agreement in the amount of $1200 for the misdemeanor plus a $2.50 surcharge. The individual also pled guilty to hunting deer without a valid license and as part of a conditional discharge donated $125 to a decoy fund and paid the $75 surcharge.

Anyone with information about potential illegal hunting practices or other environmental crimes is encouraged to contact DEC's 24-hour dispatch hotline at 1-844-DEC-ECOS (1-844-332-3267).

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