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Eastman Business Park (Kodak)

The Eastman Business Park is a 1,200-acre technology and industrial campus primarily owned and operated by Kodak. The Monroe County site, which stretches from the City of Rochester to the Town of Greece, features more than one million square feet of manufacturing, laboratory and warehouse space. As part of the Kodak bankruptcy, an asset sale was approved that allowed RED-Rochester, LLC to purchase certain park utilities, including the power plant, wastewater treatment plant and water supply system.

Also as part of the federal court approval of Kodak's bankruptcy settlement, the company created an environmental trust to fund remediation and monitoring activities at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester and an investigation to assess whether the Genesee River suffered damages associated with discharges from Kodak's operations. DEC will administer the trust, which is funded by Kodak. See the full May 13, 2014 press release for more information.

Genesee River Project - Final Work Plan Now Available; Investigation Starts in 2015

To address the trust's obligation to assess conditions in the lower Genesee River, in May 2014 DEC retained an engineering consultant (Parsons) to develop and implement this investigation. The investigation will assess the sediments, water, biota and floodplains in the lower Genesee River in Rochester from near Route 104 (Veterans Memorial Bridge) to the mouth of the river at Lake Ontario.

In April 2015, DEC finalized the investigation work plan after securing USEPA Region 2 concurrence. The work plan, released to the public in draft form in October 2014, has been revised in response to the comments received. The final investigation work plan is now available.

Lower Genesee RFI-CMS Work Plan Final April 2015 (PDF) (1MB)
Lower Genesee RFI-CMS Work Plan Figures April 2015 (PDF) (5MB)
Lower Genesee RFI-CMS Work Plan Appendices A-D April 2015 (PDF) (4MB)

Parsons will conduct the field investigation for DEC during the 2015 construction season. DEC expects it will take approximately 3 months to complete the planned sampling. Since the Army Corps of Engineers also has a Genesee dredging project scheduled for this year, DEC is scheduling the investigation field work to avoid interfering with the Corps' project. At this time, DEC anticipates starting the sediment coring work in late July, assuming the Corps of Engineers has completed its dredging work before then. Other DEC investigation tasks not affected by the Corps of Engineers project may start prior to that time.

DEC expects that initial results from the field investigations will be available in 2016.

Questions should be directed to:

DEC Project Manager
Larry Thomas (518) 402-9813

DEC Selects Final Remedy for Former Spector Tire Site

DEC has finalized selection of the remedy for this site. The site was historically the location of Spector Tire, a service center that provided auto repair and fueling services, prior to Kodak's ownership. The site is part of the Eastman Business Park and is located on the east side of Lake Avenue, just south of Keehl Street, in Rochester, NY.

A detailed document presenting the DEC's basis for selecting the remedy is now available.

Eastman Business Park - East (EBP-E) Former Spector Tire Site - SWMU E-156 - Final Statement of Basis (PDF) (1.44 MB)

RCRA Hazardous Waste Permit Renewed - January 2015

In January 2015 DEC renewed Kodak and RED-Rochester LLC's RCRA hazardous waste management (Part 373) permit for their Eastman Business Park facility.

The facility currently includes two hazardous waste management units: an incinerator to burn sludge from the facility's wastewater treatment plant; and a tank system to store hazardous waste. These activities continue under the renewed permit, however the corrective action requirements have been restructured to recognize that historic contamination is being addressed through an environmental trust that was created in 2014 as part of the Kodak bankruptcy settlement. Corrective action requirements to protect human health and the environment continue under the renewed RCRA permit.

In conjunction with the RCRA permit renewal, DEC issued a Responsiveness Summary that addressed public comments on the draft permit.

Documents Related to Part 373 Permit

  • Part 373 Permit and Modules (PDF) (1 MB)
  • Permit Attachments:
    • Attachments A- C (PDF) (1.2 MB) : Part A Application; General Facility Description; and Waste Analysis Plan
    • Attachments D- F (PDF) (3.5 MB) : Incineration; Storage in Tanks; Corrective Action Program Solid Waste Management Units; Inspection Schedule (Preparedness and Prevention)
    • Attachments G- J (PDF) (5 MB) : Contingency Plan; Personnel Training; Closure Plan & Financial Assurance Requirements; Drawings;K [Reserved]
    • Attachments L- M (PDF) (2.3 MB) : Legal Documents [U.S. Bankruptcy Settlement/Judicial Order Eastman Kodak Company [Chapter 11 Case No. 12-10202 (ALG)(Jointly Administered)], the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, (May 2014)]; Permit Modification Log
    • Responsiveness Summary (PDF) (2.4 MB) : Responses to Public Comments on the 2014 Draft Permit

Documents are also available at the following locations:

  • NYSDEC Region 8 Office, 6274 E. Avon-Lima Road, Avon NY 14414-9519 (contact person: Scott E. Sheeley, 585-226-5382)
  • NYSDEC Division of Environmental Remediation, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-7017 (contact person: David Lates; 518-402-9814)
  • Maplewood Community Library, 1111 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14613
  • Greece Public Library, 2 Vince Tofany Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612
  • Electronic copies of all documents upon request in CD format by contacting David Lates at (518) 402-9814

Environmental Clean-Up Documents

Eastman Kodak Company - 828177
The Eastman Business Park - South (EBP-S) Former Kodak Building 514 Investigation Area - Statement of Basis (PDF) (3.6 MB) was issued March 2014.

DEC Announces That Remediation Activities at Eastman Business Park Will Continue Following Kodak's Bankruptcy Settlement: Press Release- May 13, 2014

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