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Lake George Delta Dredging Project

The Lake George Delta Dredging Project (formally titled Lake George Deltas Sediment Management/Shoreline Restoration Project) is a proposal to remove sediment from the mouth of three tributaries to Lake George - Finkle Brook, Hague Brook and Indian Brook. The project proposes to use tracked excavators operating from atop access pads constructed with dredged material.

Human activities in upland drainage basins have caused excessive sedimentation resulting in the formation of deltas along shoreline areas of Lake George. The deltas:

  • Interfere with navigation and safety hazards due to shallow areas in the lake
  • Create brownish shallow water instead of the natural blue color of deeper waters
  • Interfere with fish spawning in tributary brooks

The removal of the deltas as proposed by this project will:

  • Restore navigability to areas currently impeded by deltas
  • Reduce the need for offshore or longer docks by restoring access to shoreline properties
  • Improve safety of navigation
  • Restore the natural beauty of the lake
  • Improve the accessibility of tributary streams for fish spawning
  • Improve DEC's fish netting program at Hague Brook
  • Provide reusable sediment materials for use by the participating municipalities and
  • Preserve the assessed value of impacted onshore properties

The project proposes to remove the deltas that have formed at the mouth of Finkle Brook, Hague Brook and Indian Brook using mechanical sediment removal. Mechanical sediment removal consists of "excavation" of the sediments directly from the lake bottom using clamshells, hydraulic excavators or similar soil excavation equipment. The equipment would work from an temporary access pad constructed in-lake of dredged material moved by the excavator to form the pad and/or on material placed in the lake to raise the elevation adequate to create an access pad where the top is above the summer water elevation.

Current Status

DEC, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (PDF 1.45 MB) (final SGEIS) for the proposed Lake George Deltas Sediment Management/Shoreline Restoration Project. A notice was included in the May 7, 2014, Environmental Notice Bulletin.

This final SGEIS is a supplement to the Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement for the Lake George Deltas Sediment Management/Shoreline Restoration Project that was previously accepted by the Lake George Park Commission, as lead agency, on April 20, 2004 (FGEIS).

The final SGEIS catalogues and responds to all substantive comments provided by the public during the SEQRA comment period on the Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement associated with examination of alternative methods of dredging and any potential environmental impacts.

Paper and digital copies of the final SGEIS are available at the Department's Region 5 Ray Brook and Warrensburg Offices, or by calling (518) 879-1233 or (518) 623-1285.

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