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Fish, Wildlife & Plant Permits

Use the links below to jump to a section of licenses/permits by activity:

Scientific Collection/Research, Education/Exhibition
License/Permit Name Description/Requirements
Education/Exhibition Allows the collection or possession of wild non-endangered/non-threatened species for educating the public.
Scientific Collection/Research Allows collection and temporary possession of species from the wild for scientific or research purposes.
Bird Banding Allows for temporary collection of wild, non-endangered/threatened migratory birds for research purposes, such as placing a band on the bird's leg, collecting blood or feathers.
Allows an individual to possess or collect New York State and federally listed endangered or threatened species for education/exhibition or scientific collection/research and bird banding.
Dangerous Wildlife
Allows an individual to possess dangerous wildlife (African lions, wolf hybrids or raccoon dog) for exhibiting purposes only.
Invasive Species Permit Allows a person to either 1) Possess with intent to sell, import, purchase, transport or introduce a prohibited invasive species for research, education or other approved activity, or 2) Introduce a regulated invasive species into a free-living state in New York State.

Care/Rehabilitate Injured and Distressed Wildlife
License/Permit Name Description/Requirements
Wildlife Rehabilitator Authorizes an individual to provide for the care of injured and debilitated wildlife so that they may be returned to the wild.

Control/Eradicate Wildlife or Plants
License/Permit Name Description/Requirements
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator For operating a business to eliminate wildlife and pest problems from a customer's property
Airport Migratory Bird Depredation For airports to remove nuisance bird species from the airport grounds.
Destructive Wildlife on Private Property Landowners may need a permit to handle destructive wildlife issues on their property. Typical permits issued are for deer, bear or beaver issues.
Grass Carp Stocking
(to control pond vegetation)
Allows a person to import, export, possess, acquire or stock live grass carp or hybrid grass carp. Primarily used to control pond vegetation
Liberation of Wildlife: Biological Control License This license authorizes releasing bio-control organisms into the wild for controlling invasive species, such as mile-a-minute weed and knapweed.
Purple Loosestrife Biocontrol Authorizes the release of two species of leaf-feeding beetles that have been shown to be effective in controlling the invasive purple loosestrife plant.

Release/Stock Fish or Wildlife
License/Permit Name Description/Requirements
Fish Stocking
(for waterbodies 10 acres or larger)
For stocking live fish or fish eggs into any water of New York State. Primarily for waterbodies that are 10 acres or larger.
Farm Fish Pond Stocking
(for waterbodies
smaller than 10 acres)
For man-made ponds less than 10 acres, managed for fish production. Includes control of undesirable fish, vegetation and insects; stocking and propagation of fish and harvesting by nets without requirement of other permits (such as a stocking permit).
Liberate Wildlife For releasing wildlife species into the wild. More commonly used for stocking/releasing ring-neck pheasant and quail for hunting, and releasing butterflies at weddings or other ceremonial events.

Rear/Breed Fish or Wildlife
License/Permit Name Description/Requirements
Aquaculture & Hatchery List of licenses for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture/hatchery related activities.
Domestic Game Bird Breeder - Class A or B Authorize an owner or lessee with enclosed land (fenced or an island) to purchase, possess, breed, and stock captive game birds (ducks, geese, turkey, quail, grouse, pheasants, etc.). The Class A license allows for the transport and sale of captive bred captive bred game birds dead or alive.
(Note: This does not authorize the operation of a game bird shooting facility. A separate Shooting Preserve License is required).
Domestic Game Animal Breeder - Class A or B
(White-tailed deer)
Allows an owner or lessee with enclosed land (fenced or an island) to purchase, possess and breed captive white-tailed deer; typically for a private, commercial or club membership game hunting facility. The Class A license allows for the transport and sale of captive bred white-tailed deer dead or alive.
Propagation License - non-endangered or non-threatened species
Allows an individual to possess certain native, non-endangered or threatened species of fish and wildlife or migratory birds for breeding purposes.
Propagation License - endangered or threatened species Allows an individual to possess New York State or federally listed endangered or threatened species of fish and wildlife or migratory birds for breeding purposes.

Commercial Sale of Fish or Wildlife
License/Permit Name Description/Requirements
License to Possess and Sell Allows sale of captive bred or permanently disabled native non-endangered or threatened species of fish and wildlife for propagation purposes.
Bird Breeder - Sale of Captive Birds Allows a bird breeder to place open ring (butt end) on captive raised exotic or domestic birds (canary, macaw, parakeet, parrot etc.) for sale.
Commercial Fishing and Shellfishing List of all licenses and permits for saltwater and freshwater commercial fishing and shellfishing
Crocodilian Products - Retail Authorizes an individual retail establishment, store or outlet to sell finished parts or products made out of crocodile, alligators or caiman
Crocodilian Products -Importation/Wholesale Authorizes importation and possession of alligator, caiman or crocodile parts or products with the intention of future sale at wholesale, tanning or processing hides, or fabricating/finishing products.
Dead Endangered/Threatened Species Products Allows an individual to sell articles or products made from endangered or threatened species of fish, shellfish, crustacea or wildlife that were manufactured before the animal was state or federally listed.
Vicuna (S. American camel) Products
Authorizes an individual to import, export, possess and sell products consisting of either raw fiber or items and clothes made from vicuna hair/fur that has been lawfully imported in the U.S. in accordance with federal regulations.
License Application (PDF)