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Covanta Niagara LP

Covanta Niagara LP Rail to Truck Intermodal Facility Project

Background and History

Covanta Niagara site location
Covanta Niagara site location
Map legend: Red star: Covanta Niagara EfW Facility
Red outline: EfW Facility Property Line
Green outline: RTIF Property Line

The Covanta Niagara LP facility is a 2,250 ton per day waste-to-energy facility that operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Covanta Niagara consists of two independent Deutsche Babcock Anlagen (DBA) furnace/boiler systems, one alternate fuels combustion system, one fossil fuel fired boiler and one fuel oil fired boiler system. The site has all other auxiliary equipment which is associated with a facility of this type including but not limited to: an enclosed tipping hall, ash loadout area, cooling tower, and various storage areas. The high pressure steam which is produced in the boilers at the site is normally put through two extracting/condensing turbines to produce both electricity and extraction (low pressure) steam. The electricity is used to power the facility and the excess electricity is sold into the power grid. The low pressure steam that is produced in the extracting section of the turbine generators is sold to several neighboring facilities. Air pollution control at the facility includes dry scrubbers for acid gas control, fabric filters for particulate removal, a selective non-catalytic reduction system for nitrogen oxide control and a carbon injection system for mercury control. The Title V permit for the facility was recently renewed and modified for the installation of one 273 MMBtu/hr natural gas fired boiler system including a new 190 foot smokestack and supporting equipment that will be used to supply low-pressure steam to neighboring industrial facilities.

Current Permit Action

Covanta Niagara LP has applied to modify their solid waste management permit to construct and operate a Rail-to-Truck Intermodal Facility (RTIF) at the Covanta Energy-from-Waste (EFW) Facility in the City of Niagara Falls. The applicant proposes to construct the RTIF on approximately 15 acres of recently acquired property in an inactive rail yard adjacent to the existing facility. The proposed RTIF will allow the use of rail infrastructure servicing the project area to more efficiently deliver up to 500,000 tons per year (tpy) of waste by train in place of delivering the waste by truck. The proposed project will require environmental remediation of the acquired property, the installation of new rail facilities, construction of a new office/maintenance building (the RTIF building), new roadways, utility connections from the existing EFW facility site, a new waste scale, pavement, parking, lighting and drainage systems. The new roadway will directly link the proposed RTIF project with the existing EFW facility via internal roads such that shipments of sealed containers can be offloaded from the trains onto trucks and transported into the tipping hall of the EFW facility before the sealed containers are opened. No increase in the waste combustion capacity of the EFW and no changes to the types of waste received are proposed as part of the RTIF project.

Status of Permit Application Review

A modified permit has been issued to Covanta Niagara LP to authorize the RTIF project effective February 13, 2015. The public comment period for this project closed on December 1, 2014 and a responsiveness summary has been prepared. The modified permit, the responsiveness summary, the application for permit modification and the July 2014 Solid Waste Management Facility Operations & Maintenance Manual have been made available for review at the following locations and online under Digital Files.

Niagara Falls Housing Authority Resources Center
3001 Ninth Street
Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls Public Library
1425 Main Street
Niagara Falls, NY

NYS DEC Region 9 Office
270 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY

Digital Files

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