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Payment Procedures using the Statewide Financial System (SFS)

Procedures for State Employees Paying a Pesticide Renewal/Recertification Fee

Prior to any agency submitting a pesticide renewal/recertification fee, the certified applicator/technician must submit a complete, signed application form to the NYSDEC, Pesticide Reporting & Certification Section (PRCS), 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-7254. Along with the application, they must send:

  • Original certificates for any required training credits that may be due;
  • A note stating that payment will be made through SFS; and
  • An email address that PRCS may forward the codes to enter payment into SFS.

Upon review of the application and/or credits, if it is determined by PRCS staff that they are deficient in any way, the applicator/technician will be notified directly. Once the application and/or credits are approved, PRCS staff will notify the state agency paying the fee of the codes needed to enter the payment into SFS.

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