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Q. 19, Short EAF (Part 1) Previous Solid Waste Disposal

Environmental Assessment Form Workbook

Has the site of the proposed action or an adjoining property been the location of an active or closed solid waste management facility?
If Yes, describe:

Background Information

Solid Wastes are managed in solid waste management facilities. There are many different kinds of solid waste management facilities in New York. They range from construction and demolition processing facilities to solid waste landfills. Some are closed and not used any more, while others are still active.

Solid waste management facilities, whether closed or active, can discharge pollution (e.g., leachate), especially older landfills constructed before present day more protective construction practices were in place. Leachate can pollute groundwater which in turn, can negatively impact water supplies. Other pollution includes air pollution from decomposing solid waste that can contribute to greenhouse gases and flammable gases that cause safety concerns.

All solid waste management facilities are regulated through 6NYCRR Part 360. The general operational requirements for all solid waste management facilities are contained in the Part 360 regulations, Subpart 360-1. Solid Waste Management facilities are permitted, registered, and controlled at the regional basis.

Answering the Question

You may be able to answer this question based on your own knowledge of the site and its history. Each DEC Region has staff that are responsible for permitting, facility inspection, and assessment of facility compliance. You can contact them for information on solid waste management facilities.

There are also many resources on the DEC website where you can find information about types and locations of active solid waste management sites in New York.

Answer no if the project site or adjoining property has not been the location of an active or closed solid waste management facility.

Answer yes if the project site or adjoining property is the location of an active or closed solid waste management facility.

Using the information from the DEC website, describe what type of solid waste facility was (or is) on the site, how large an area it covered, when it was opened, if and when it was closed, and other general information about the site.

Other Useful Links

You can find more information on waste management on DEC's Chemical and Pollution Control/Waste Management page.

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