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Waterfront Activities Application Checklist

What to Include in a Waterfront Activities Permit Application

The applicant must submit three (3) copies of the following: the application, any supplemental forms, and all attachments. More copies may be required depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Joint Application Form
  • Description of Project's Purpose
  • Location Map (e.g., clear photocopy of street atlas with project marked)
  • Permission to Inspect Property form
  • Survey (or plan) with existing structures and property lines
  • Project Plans (must be to scale and the scale must be identified on the plans)
    • Plot plan view
    • Cross-sectional plan view
  • Photographs of Site (in color and dated, with a site map of locations for the photographs)
  • Completion of State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR); including completed Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Part 1
  • Completion of State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Requirements; including completed Structural Archaeological Assessment Form (SAAF)
  • Landowner's Permission - if applicant is not the owner of the land for which the application is submitted; landowner must sign Joint Application Form
  • For Protection of Waters and Tidal Wetlands applications: a list of the names of the landowners adjacent to the tidal wetland or adjacent area and, if applicable, a list of names of people who have water rights for the property or for property within 300 feet.
  • For dam projects: a supplement D-1 form
  • For dock, platform, or mooring projects: a supplement D-2 form

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