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Region 1 Environmental Permits

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Regional Permit Administrator - Susan Ackerman
50 Circle Rd
SUNY @ Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3409
Phone: 631-444-0365
631-444-0355 (Duty Analyst-W&F only)
Fax: 631-444-0360

The Region 1 office serves the following counties: Nassau and Suffolk

Long Island Well Program

The Long Island Well Program (link leaves DEC's website) contributes to the protection and conservation of available water supplies in Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. The program regulates all water withdrawals when the total capacity of such a well or wells on one property is over 45 gallons per minute.* This includes wells for domestic supply, irrigation, open loop geothermal systems, temporary or permanent dewatering wells, and others.

Public water supply and surface water withdrawal systems with the capability to withdraw 100,000 gallons per day or more are regulated through the Water Withdrawal Program.

Additional information and permit applications will be available on this page in the near future. Please check back for updates.

For further information on the Long Island Wells Program, contact the Region 1 Water Division at (631) 444-0405. Visit DEC's Wastewater, Stormwater & Water Withdrawal Permits page for more information on the general New York State Wells program.

*Please note that fire wells in which no pumping equipment is permanently attached, when such well is installed by a municipal corporation, fire district or duly organized fire company or department is exempt from the Long Island Well Program. Also, note that the permit exemption for agricultural water wells on Long Island was eliminated in 1986 by the introduction of paragraph 7 of ECL § 15-1527 (link leaves DEC's website).