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Storm Recovery Permits

Emergency Authorizations

If you have a situation that immediately threatens life, health, property, general welfare or natural resources, state regulation does provide for emergency authorization for work to be done. Please review the Emergency Authorization web page for how to notify DEC prior to or within 24 hours of you taking action.

General Permits for storm recovery

For storm recovery work that is not of an emergency nature, DEC has issued General Permits associated with particular storms. The General Permits still in effect are listed below.

Please contact your Regional Permit Administrator:

  • in advance of the expiration date if your project will not be completed by that date, or
  • to obtain a permit for a project not included in the list of activities authorized by the General Permit.

Information about permitting is available on the DEC's Permit, License, Registration webpage.

May 2014 Flood Recovery Permit Information

DEC has issued a General Permit to repair damage to homes, other structures and property, and public infrastructure affected by heavy rains and severe storms occurring May 13-14, 2014. Areas included in the General Permit include Yates and Ontario Counties.

  1. Read the General Permit GP-8-14-002 (PDF) (97 KB) to see if your project is covered.
  2. If your project is included in the list of authorized activities, read the Instructions to Applicants (PDF) (15 KB).
  3. Fill out the Application for General Permit GP-8-14-002 (PDF) (88 KB) and submit it to the DEC regional permit office where the property is located. These contacts are listed in the Instructions to Applicants (PDF) (15 KB).
  4. Review DEC's Post-Flood Stream Reconstruction Guidelines and Woody Debris Removal Guidelines.

Additional Information

Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm NEMO Storm Recovery

DEC has issued a General Permit for the coastal areas of Long Island, New York City and the lower Hudson Valley. Approved projects include stabilizing existing dwellings, decks and walkways with temporary bracing and pilings; installing sandbags or sand cubes at the toe of damaged structures or eroded escarpments; re-grading eroded dunes; in-kind/in-place repair of stairways; reconstruction of bulkheads and shoreline erosion structures that were functional before Hurricane Sandy; and repair or reconstruction of existing public roads, bridges, utilities and other public infrastructure. On February 8, 2013, DEC extended the use of this General Permit to repairs for Winter Storm NEMO.

General Permit for Hurricane Sandy to Reconstruct Residential Structures in New York City (DEC Region 2), GP-2-13-002

NOTE: General Permit GP-2-13-002 issued on July 16, 2013 replaces General Permit GP-2-13-001, and extends the permit's expiration date until October 31, 2016.

General Permit GP-2-13-002 authorizes the reconstruction of houses on properties regulated by DEC under the Tidal Wetlands Act (ECL Article 25) and/or the Freshwater Wetlands Act (ECL Article 24) destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and Red-tagged or Yellow-tagged by the New York City Department of Buildings for "Demolition" while waiving the procedural requirements of the Uniform Procedures Act (ECL Article 70).

* If your house was Yellow-tagged by NYC Buildings for "Repair," or Green-tagged by NYC Buildings, you may repair and restore your storm-damaged house to its original, pre-Sandy condition without a DEC Tidal Wetlands or Freshwater Wetlands permit so long as the foundation and framing of said house are substantially intact.

  1. Read the General Permit GP-2-13-002 (PDF) (60 KB) to see if your project is covered.
  2. If your project is included in the list of authorized activities, read the Application Instructions for General Permit GP-2-13-002 (PDF) (27 KB) to learn how to obtain the General Permit.
  3. Fill out the Joint Application Form for GP-2-13-002 (PDF) (563 KB) and email or mail it to the DEC Region 2 office.
  4. Consult DEC's Post-Storm Coastal Reconstruction web page for guidance and best practices before you start work.

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