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Application Instructions for Commercial Permits

General Information:

NOTE: If you apply pesticides for-hire in New York State, please complete the Pesticide Business & Agency application form.

Environmental Conservation Law Article 33 Section 33-0901 requires a Commercial Permit for the distribution, sale, offer for sale, purchase for the purpose of re-sale or possession for the purpose of resale of a restricted use pesticide. A Commercial Permit is required by all pesticide registrants and dealers who sell or ship restricted-use pesticides within or into New York State. The Commercial Permit is issued to the specific business named in block 2. Dealers or registrants that conduct business under more than one name must obtain a Commercial Permit for each business name. A separate Commercial Permit is required for each location in New York State. Out-of-State dealers or registrants with no sales or distribution location in New York State need one Commercial Permit.

Any person who engages in the sale of a restricted use pesticide shall be certified by the Commissioner. Each business requiring a Commercial Permit must employ at least one applicator who is certified in New York State throughout the term of the Commercial Permit.

All Commercial Permit holders are required to file annual reports of:
(A) The sales of restricted use pesticide products and
(B) The sales of general use pesticide products to private applicators for use in agricultural crop production.

Renewal applications should be mailed at least 30 days before your Commercial Permit expires to avoid a lapse in the permit.

Application Instructions:

Follow the directions below to complete the Commercial Permit application. Fill in all required information. The numbers of the directions correspond to the numbered blocks on the application. Your application will be returned if it is not completed correctly. Please type or print legibly.

Block 1a. If you do not have a Commercial Permit and are applying for the first time, check New. If you currently have a Commercial Permit and wish to renew it, check Renewal and enter your previously assigned Commercial Permit number.

Block 1b. Check box and enclose the fee of $600.00 per Commercial Permit per location. Make check payable to the Commissioner of NYSDEC.

Block 2. Enter the full legal name of the business (including any assumed "d.b.a." name): if you are renewing and the business name has changed, please indicate correct name.

Block 3. Enter your mailing address. This should be the address you use to receive mail. Use the two letter abbreviation for your state.

Block 4. Enter physical location address of the facility from which your business sells restricted pesticides. Use the two letter abbreviation for your state.

Block 5. Enter the county of the business physical location.

Block 6. List the telephone number of the business location.

Block 7. Enter e-mail address here.

Block 8. Are there additional locations? Check Yes or No. If you checked Yes, list the addresses of the additional locations and submit a permit application for each location in New York State.

Block 9A. The Commercial Permit holder is required to have adequate facilities for the storage and distribution of restricted pesticides. If the address of your pesticide storage area location is different from the address listed in block 4, list the complete address of the storage area here.

Block 9B. The holder of a Commercial Permit must maintain, for a minimum of three years and make available to the Department upon request, records of restricted pesticides acquired or sold. If the address of your record storage area is different from the address listed in block 4, list the complete address here.

Block 10. List the certified applicator employed by your business, the applicator's New York State pesticide applicator certification ID number and expiration date. The listed certified applicator must personally sign the form to acknowledge that they are aware that their certification is being used to obtain a Commercial Permit. The submitted application must include the certified applicator's original signature.

Block 11. Check the appropriate boxes that describe the pesticide products you sell.

Block 12. Check the business ownership type.

Block 13. Individual owners supply your name and job title. Corporations and Partnerships supply the names of the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Managers of Limited Liability Corporations supply your name and job title.

Block 14. This form must be signed by an appropriate company official and notarized.

Complete applications should be mailed to the address on the top of the application form.

Incomplete applications will be returned.