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State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) Forms

All Downloadable SEQR Forms are PDF Files

The following Environmental Assessment Forms (Appendices A and B) should be used (as of October 7, 2013) for applications to be submitted to reviewing, funding or approving agencies. If you are new to filling out the EAFs or using the EAF Mapper, or have questions about how to use them, we recommend that you begin with the Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Workbooks. You may also want to view The New EAFs - EAFs for the 21st Century (PDF) (2.5 MB) which is a training program on using the new (2013) Environmental Assessment Forms, Workbooks and EAF Mapper. EAF forms can be filled out and saved with Acrobat Reader.

  • EAF Mapper Application (will generate partially filled-in EAFs)
    The EAF Mapper Application is an Internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS) specifically designed to facilitate the NY State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process by answering geographic or place-based questions on the Short and Full Environmental Assessment Forms (EAFs). The EAF Mapper will provide its results by directly filling out many place-based questions in Part 1 of an electronically fillable SEAF or FEAF form and returning the partially completed form to the applicant or sponsor to finish. If you are using the EAF Mapper, do not complete any part of a PDF for either the SEAF or FEAF first. Rather, start with the EAF Mapper and wait for the program to fill in the various answers, then save the document to your computer and continue completing the forms from there. If you start a PDF before running the EAF Mapper, any information entered will be lost when the program applies its GIS data. Help in using the EAF Mapper application is located on the EAF Mapper Application's main page next to "feedback". Additional guidance can be found in the EAF Workbook, under the subsection "Using the EAF Mapper".
  • Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEAF) (Appendix B to 6 NYCRR 617.20)
  • Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF) (Appendix A to 6 NYCRR 617.20)
  • Notice of Complete Draft EIS / Final EIS (24 KB)

  • Notice of Completion of Draft EIS and Notice of SEQR Hearing (68 KB)

  • SEQR Findings Form (82 KB)

  • ENB SEQR Notice Publication Form (72 KB)

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