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Marine Permits and Licenses

Eligibility requirements may apply to some of these licenses and permits. Please call the Marine Permit Office for more information or e-mail the Bureau of Marine Resources.

Marine Permit Office - 631 444-0471

More information about Marine Permits.

DEC Marine Permits
Permit Program Permit Phone Number
Aquaculture Marine Fish Importation Permit 631-444-0481
Shellfish Importation Permit 631-444-0481
On/Off-Bottom Culture Permit 631-444-0481
Temporary Marine Area Use Assignment Program 631-444-0481
Marine Hatchery Permit 631-444-0481
Shellfish Shellfish Digger's Permit 631-444-0470
Bait Harvesting Permit (Surfclams) 631-444-0470
Blue Mussel Permit 631-444-0470
Ribbed Mussel Bait Permit (Town of Hempstead only) 631-444-0470
Shellfish Shipper's & Processor Permits 631-444-0470
Surfclam/Ocean Quahog Permit 631-444-0470
Shellfish Management Scallop Salvage and Relay Permit 631-444-0481
Seed Relay Permit 631-444-0481
Shellfish Population Survey Permit 631-444-0481
Shellfish Transplant Permit 631-444-0481
Shellfish Transplant Hand Harvester's Permit 631-444-0481
Lobster/Crab Commercial Lobster Permit* 631-444-0470
Recreational Lobster Permit 631-444-0470
Lobster Bait Gill Net Permit 631-444-0444
Crab Permit** 631-444-0470
Horseshoe Crab Permit 631-444-0470
Fishing Food Fish License** 631-444-0470
Food Fish Landing License 631-444-0470
Menhaden Purse Seine License 631-444-0470
Pound or Trap Net Permit 631-444-0481
Striped Bass Commercial, Harvester's Permit* 631-444-0470
Summer Flounder Commercial Permit* 631-444-5621
Summer Flounder Fillet Permit 631-444-0470
Summer Flounder Small Mesh Exemption 631-444-5621
Winter Flounder Exemption 631-444-5621
Winter Flounder Fyke Fishery 631-444-0437
Marine & Coastal District Party & Charter Boat License 631-444-0470
Whelk License (Conch)** 631-444-0470
Dealer Permits Marine & Coastal District Food Fish & Crustacea Dealers & Shippers License 631-444-0470
Shellfish Shipper's & Processor Permits 631-444-0470
Hudson River Inland Fisheries Gill Net (Shad) 845-256-3073
Gill Net 845-256-3073
Seine 845-256-3073
Fyke Net 845-256-3073
Eel Pots 845-256-3073
Scap Net 845-256-3073
Dip or Scoop Net 845-256-3073
Miscellaneous Scientific Collector's Permit 631-444-0483
Research Set Aside 631-444-0857

* A moratorium is currently in effect for these permits and licenses.

** These are limited entry permits and licenses.

More about Marine Permits and Licenses:

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