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Mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek at Lake Erie

Mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek at Lake Erie

Mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek at Lake Erie
Located in Erie County
Image courtesy of J Maletz

Type: Stream Side

Features: Fossils; Note that 18 Mile Creek is so large it is divided into 8 distinct sections,
with each housing differences in rock formations & fossil species.

Feature Type: Fossils.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 78th Annual Meeting 2006;
Life on the Edge: Death and Transfiguration in Mud.
For online reference please visit - www.nysga.net/Guidebooks.html

Quadrangle: Eden

Reason of Designation: At its type locality north of Eighteen Mile Creek along Lake Erie shore,
the Wanakah Shale consists of about 19.8 m of medium gray, soft, fossiliferous shale and shaly mudstone
with several calcareous bands and zones of larger concretions.