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Middle Granville - Stoddard Road - Deformed Graptolites

deformed graptolites

Middle Granville - Stoddard Road - Deformed Graptolites
Located in Washington County
Image Courtesy of Jean Crespi

Type: Roadside

Features: Stoddard Road Graptolites

Feature Type: Structural

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 74th Annual Meeting 2002;
New Views on Faulting, Fabric Development, and Volume Strain in the Taconic Slate Belt, Western Vermont and Eastern NY.
For online reference please visit - www.nysga.net/Guidebooks.html

Quadrangle: Granville

Reason for Designation: Contains abundant & well-preserved deformed graptolites.
Graptolites are considered to be one of the best markers for the measurement of finite strain.
The site given is on accessible public property; this feature is located in other places in this area but those are on private property.
Exposures of deformed graptolites are rare in NYS and these sites
are especially unusual because they contain deformed graptolites
in all structural positions in a fold.