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Taughannock State Park

Taughannock Park Road

Taughannock Park Road - Taughannock Falls State Park
Located in Tompkins County
Image Courtesy of William Kelly

Type: Park (Public).

Features: 215' Waterfall; Highest vertical single drop waterfall in NE U.S.; Kimberlite dike;
Taughanic reference section; Tully waterfalls; Fracture system.

Feature Type: Type Section.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 79th Annual Meeting 2007;
Re-Examination of the Type Ithaca Formation: Correlations with Sections in Western NY.
For online reference please visit - www.nysga.net/Guidebooks.html

Quadrangle: Ludlowville.

Reason for Designation: Photo perfect Taughanic type section (Tully Fm in lower falls),
Geneseo highstand facies followed by progradational siltstone in upper, main fall. Kimberlite dike,
structure related fracture systems visible as well. Easy park access.
Identified as a site of geologic interest by the NYS Geological Highway Map
(NYS Museum, NYS Geological Survey).