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Habitat/Access Stamp

Donate Toward Improving New York's Habitat and Increasing Access for Fish & Wildlife Recreation

poster for 2011-12 Habitat/Access Stamp
When you purchase a $5 Habitat/Access Stamp
you help improve and open land for outdoor
recreation. It's a perfect way to conserve New
York's wildlife heritage. All funds are deposited
in the Conservation Fund's Habitat Account.

New York's habitat serves a vital role in maintaining heatlhy and sustainable fish and wildlife resources for all to enjoy! Whether you are an angler or hunter, birder or photographer, purchasing a $5 Habitat & Access Stamp is the perfect way to help conserve New York's remarkable wildlife heritage and habitat.

Created in 2002 by Legislation, the Habitat & Access Stamp helps supply financial support towards the department's efforts in improving and conserving fish and wildlife habitat, as well as increasing access to public and private lands for fish and wildlife recreation.

How to Purchase a Habitat/Access Stamp

You can purchase a Habitat & Access Stamp at a license issuing agent location or through the online license issuing system.

A donation of $5 is all that is required once a year to help invest in the future of New York's habitat and outdoor recreation!

Please note: a stamp is not required to hunt, fish or trap, nor do you have to buy a sporting license to donate for a stamp.

Projects Supported by Your Donations

All funds from stamp purchases are deposited directly into the DEC Conservation Fund Habitat Account, and are used for ongoing and upcoming projects aimed towards conserving habitat and increasing fish and wildlife recreational access.