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Aquatic Anti-Fouling Paint Applicator Certification

Please visit the "New York State Pesticide Administration Database" by clicking the NYSPAD link below to search and view information regarding applicators and technicians, training courses and certification/recertification exams.

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The New York State Legislature amended Article 33 of the Environmental Conservation Law by adding a new Title 9-A (Special Permits and Certification for Commercial Application of Aquatic Antifouling Paints) which took effect January 22, 2007, and was amended July 2007, July 2008, and April 1, 2009. Under this law, Aquatic Antifouling Paint Applicators do not meet the same certification requirements for pesticide applicators found in 6 NYCRR 325.7(a). Therefore, Aquatic Antifouling Paint Applicators are NOT allowed to purchase or apply restricted use antifouling paints.

An applicant for aquatic antifouling paint applicator certification shall successfully complete a comprehensive twenty-hour training course approved by the department including eight hours of category-specific training which includes topics related to the safe and proper use, handling, storage and disposal of aquatic antifouling paints and/or satisfy the commissioner as to the applicant's knowledge and experience concerning the proper use and application of aquatic antifouling paint and application equipment through examination prior to initial certification. The commissioner may consider appropriate experience of the applicant as specified in regulations when determining eligibility for examination.

ALL certified applicators and technicians are required to have a photograph on file with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) in order to receive their photo identification card.

IMPORTANT! Individuals that do not currently have a photo on file with the NYSDMV, please visit the link to NYSDMV Requirements for Proof of Identity and Date of Birth found in the right hand column to ensure that you meet their requirements prior to visiting a NYSDMV office. Once you are confident that you have the necessary documents required by NYSDMV, please print out the NYSDMV form for Request for Photo Image form found in the right hand column on this page, and bring it with you to the DMV office. Photographs taken at the NYSDMV solely for the purpose of attaining pesticide certification will be taken free of charge.

Once you are certain your photo is on file at the NYSDMV, you must complete the form found in the right column entitled Certified Pesticide Applicator/Technician Application for Photo ID Card, and submit that form at the time of testing, application and/or recertification, if one is not already on file with the DEC.