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Adding or Dropping Pesticide Certification Categories

Adding a Category

Only certified pesticide applicators are able to add additional categories/subcategories to their current certification. Technicians are not eligible to hold more than one category of certification.

Applicators that wish to add additional categories/subcategories of certification must have at least one year of verifiable experience in the category in which the individual is seeking certification, OR 12 hours of such category-specific training, approved by the department, in order to qualify to take the appropriate category examination(s). Eligible applicators should contact a Pesticide Control Specialist in their Regional Office to arrange to take the appropriate examination(s).

Dropping a Category

Applicators wishing to drop a category from their certification must do so in writing. Please complete the Commercial Pesticide Category Drop Letter form found in the right hand column of this page, sign and mail to: NYSDEC, Pesticide Reporting & Certification, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-7254. There are NO REFUNDS for dropped categories.