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Certification Categories and Credit Requirements


The Department would like to introduce Phase 1 of the "New York State Pesticide Administration Database" (NYSPAD) portal. You may access information regarding pesticide: applicators/technicians, training courses, training course instructors/sponsors and certification/recertification exams. Phase 2 of NYSPAD will allow access to the business/agency registration information and will be available in the near future.

Below are the recertification requirements for each category of pesticide certification. For those people seeking initial certification and would like clarification on the categories, you can refer to the Brief Description of Pesticide Categories (PDF - 20.6 KB) or to Title 6 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York Part 325 Application of Pesticides where the categories are explained in detail.

Please Note: Core credits count for all categories; however, of the total amount of continuing education credits required for each category a minimum of 25% must be specific to that particular category. The remaining 75% due can be category specific, core, or any combination of the two. For example: An applicator on a 3 Year cycle recertifying in Category 7A must earn at least 3 credits in Category 7A and the remaining 9 credits due can be either all Category specific (7A), all core, or a combination of core and 7A.

Category Name 3
1A Agricultural Plant 8
1B Agricultural Animal 6
1C Companion Animal 5
1D Fumigation of Soil & Agricultural Commodities 6
2 Forest Pest Control 6
3A Ornamentals, Shade Trees & Turf 10
3B Turf 10
3C Interior Plant Maintenance 10
4 Seed Treatment 5
5A Aquatic Vegetation Control 8
5B Aquatic Insect & Misc. Aquatic Organisms Control 8
5C Aquatic Fish Control 8
5D Aquatic Antifouling Paints 5
5E Sewer Line Root Control 5
6A Right-of-Way Vegetation Control 8
6B Right-of-Way in Place Pole treatments 8
7A Structural & Rodent Control 12
7B Fumigation 6
7C Termite 8
7D Lumber & Wood Products 6
7F Food Processing 12
7G Cooling Towers, Pulp & Paper Process 5
8 Public Health Pest Control 8
9 Regulatory Pest Control 5
10 Demonstration & Research Pest Control 5
11 Aeriol Pilot 6
12 Sales (of Restricted Use Pesticides) 3
Category Name 3
13 Aquatic Antifouling Paint Applicator 5
Category Name 5
21 Field & Forage 10
22 Fruit 10
23 Vegetable 10
24 Greenhouse & Forest 10
25 Nursery, Ornamentals & Turf 10
31 Agricultural Animal Pest Control 8
41 Aquatic Pest Control 8