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Marine Permit Application Fees

Below is a list of the fees for marine permits. Eligibility requirements may apply to some of these licenses and permits. Others may be closed to new applicants. If you have further questions, e-mail us at the Bureau of Marine Resources or call the Marine Permits Office at 631 444-0471.

Marine Permits and Fees
Permit Type Category Fee
Shellfish Permit Shellfish Digger's Permit $50.00
Shellfish Digger's Permit - Nonresident $150.00
Seafood Dealer and Shipper
Shellfish Shipper - Class A $300.00
Shellfish Processor - Class B $600.00
Shellfish Reshipper - Class C $200.00
Digger/Shipper - Class D $75.00
Bay Scallop Shucker/Packer - Class E $50.00
Food Fish & Crustacea Dealers and Shippers License $250.00
Lobster Permits Resident Commercial $150.00
Resident Non-Commercial $10.00
Non-Resident Commercial $225.00
Lobster Landing $300.00
Menhaden Purse
Seine License
Vessel 30 gross tons or less $25.00
Vessel more than 30 gross tons
and less than 200 gross tons
Vessel more than 200 gross tons $2,000.00
Crab Permits Resident $30.00
Non-Resident $50.00
Fishing Permits Resident Marine Commercial Food Fishing License $250.00
Non-Resident Marine Commercial Food Fishing License $1,250.00
Marine Commercial Food Fish Landing License $500.00
Marine District Party and Charter Boat $250.00
Whelk (Conch) License $30.00