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Southampton Cooperative Hunting Area

These properties consists of 430 acres of Southampton town-owned land cooperatively managed with the state for hunting, consisting of five properties: Southampton Hills; Noyac Preserve; Great Swamp; Tuckahoe Swamp; and Barrel Hill. These areas are open for archery deer hunting starting October 1 through December 31. Noyac Preserve is open for the days of the January firearms season as well. Access October 1 through December 31 is with a Managed Land Access Permit. Access to Noyac Preserve for the January firearms season is by reservation only.

Applications for the Managed Land Access Permit (PDF, 1.76 MB) may be downloaded from this link. Access permits are free and valid for three years. Permits must be carried while on the property and a parking permit must be visible on the dashboard of your vehicle. Permits are valid from two hours before sunrise to two hours after sunset. All vehicles must be parked in a numbered parking area. Maximum party size for archery hunting is two individuals.

Rules and Regulations

DEC manages hunting in these areas under the authority of the Fish and Wildlife Management Act to protect and enhance the areas' natural value and to provide for compatible public uses. The use of this area is a privilege, not a right. Please note the hunting rules and regulations listed below:

  1. All hunting is prohibited on the Southampton Cooperative Hunting Area except by permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation.
  2. The Southampton Cooperative Hunting Area is open to archery deer hunting only with the exception of the Noyac Preserve which is open to archery and firearm deer hunting only.
  3. Trapping is not permitted on the Southampton Cooperative Hunting Area.
  4. All applicable provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law will be in effect, and no person may violate the provisions of any law or regulatory sign while using the property.
  5. Permits are valid only for the dates issued, and they are not transferable.
  6. Permittees must park at designated parking sites and then only if the site quota is not filled.
  7. Permittees shall have access only to lands situated on the same side of the road as the permittee's parking site.
  8. Permits must be shown to any official requesting to see them.
  9. No rifles or pistols shall be used or carried afield on the area.
  10. No target or promiscuous shooting is permitted on the area.
  11. Construction of permanent blinds, tree stands or other structures is prohibited.
  12. Permits obtained by fraud or when the permittee is suspended from using the area shall be void.
  13. The area will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.

To protect your interests and those of other sportsmen and women, obey all regulations and be conscientious while afield. You will encounter other users. Respect the rights of the landowners and other recreationists.

Area Maps and Hunting Procedures:

Southampton Hills Map (PDF) (1.12 MB)

Noyac Preserve Map (PDF) (642 KB)

Tuckahoe Swamp Map (PDF) (588 KB)

Barrel Hill Map (PDF) (1.25 MB)

Great Swamp Map (PDF) (479 KB)

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